Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mojo Burrito A Bust in Dunwoody

Burrito joint calls it quits after less than a year in business.

Chattanooga-based Mojo Burrito has closed its lone out-of -state location in Dunwoody.  The fast casual burrito joint opened in Dunwoody Village on February 19th of this year and closed yesterday, November 3rd.  Amazingly, the restaurant's owners signed their lease for the space the week of December 13, 2012.  For the roughly 2300 square foot restaurant to have been "in the works" for over a year, but to have remained open for less than nine months is pretty sad.  

Ahead of the opening, I heard only good things about the Chattanooga-based chain from both out of state and local friends and readers.  Many readers expressed their excitement for the restaurant and enthusiasm for their prospects.  Unfortunately, shortly after opening, this blog was inundated with gripes many of which singled out the "rude owner." 

The restaurant's Yelp reviews were not much better, with many complaints about the owner and the food.   

"What a disappointment after waiting close to a year for the place to open." ... "I will be shocked if this place makes it to January."

"The owner at this location seemed stressed and anxious to upsell me additional items which definitely was a turn off and made me feel like I was at a CPK or Applebee's."

"Move along folks. Nuthin to see here. Almost as good as moes across the street and that's not saying much."

Did you visit Mojo Burrito in Dunwoody?  If so, how did it compare to other burrito joints in the area?  What would you like to see replace Mojo?

Please share your thoughts below. 


Anonymous said...

I went once and it was just OK ... however the location is terrible.. I actually looked for it several times before actually finding it. any restaurant that moves into that location is doomed IMHO.

Anonymous said...

never knew it was open, wondered what was going on, can't see from road

Anonymous said...

The city of Dunwoody makes it VERY hard to get open as a small business within its city. I know this all too well personally, as it took me almost a year to get open. No one wants to confront the elephant in the room when it comes to being a new city and the city’s choice of inspector and the only inspector. This story sadly resonates with me because the decision to stay open or call it quits comes to me monthly paying astronomical rent in Dunwoody yet inconsistent patronage. I have talked to small business after small business owner in Dunwoody with the same response. It's really quite sad.

Anonymous said...

The entire village on both sides of Chamblee Dunwoody needs to be bulldozed to the ground and rebuilt in the style of many of the newer "town centers" and "avenues" around town, otherwise, this cycle will continue as it has for decades. The current layout is and always has been a disaster. Shame they (we) put so much unnecessary money into the "bike friendly" redo of the village pkwy. I guess the powers that be didn't think about how in the heck "all of teh residents" will get their bikes to the village pkwy.? If you ride your bike on the road/bike lanes in Dunwoody, you've got a death wish... but I digress.

Grant Goggans said...

Oh, for pete's sake. I only wrote about this place two weeks ago.


Sad for the locals that they closed because the food was good, but, honestly, unlike the Chattanooga stores, this was not destination dining by any means. The location stank and their beer selection was pretty sorry.

Paul said...

Went to Mojo Burrito many times and found it to be one of the best burrito places in the area. Too bad they have departed our little community. Now to search for another good place for an easy to order simple burrito or other nice dish with the fixin's just the way we want them.

Anonymous said...

This place had perhaps the worst location ever, and had competetion from the great little El Azteca on Dunwoody Village Parkway, which is a jewel in Dunwoody and provides locals with a great Mex food fix, and has been there for nearly ten years. We in Dunwoody are loyal if anything.

Anonymous said...

We went once and my kids and husband didn't think the food was anything special. They said Moe's was 10X better.

Anonymous said...

We thought the food was better than Moes, but-location and hovering "nervous nellie" owner/manager make atmosphere less than idea.
-we'd end up going to Moes and deal with the unruly kids if we were out for a quick bite, or we'll run up 400 to Costa Vida
**it would be fabulous if Dunwoody gets a "Costa Vida" here, there's a new one in Cumming... WORTH the drive!

Anonymous said...

The manager was argueing with a vendor when I went in. No wonder it was empty. They sent out coupons last week for $2 off $12. But that wasn't even a deal. I'd rather go to places in the Publix Shopping Center (moe's, subway), in the village (fresh market, mellow) or that other shopping center on the side where Enterprise, Azteca and Village Hot Dog is.

Buddy Fogo said...

Bad location, the ones in Chattanooga are great!

Buddy Fogo said...

the ones in Chattanooga are great!!!