Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nearly New Shop Becomes Latest Casualty at Toco Hills

Community thrift store to call it quits after 68 years

The Nearly New Shop, a service of the Junior League of Atlanta, announced yesterday via its Facebook page that it plans to close "in late Spring 2017."  The shop, which relocated to Toco Hills from Howell Mill Square during the summer of 2014, was located in an earlier incarnation of Lindbergh Plaza in Buckhead for much of my childhood .  In total, the shop has been in existence for 68 years. 

The following is the message the organization posted to its Facebook page:

"Attention customers: Thank you for your loyal patronage! After careful consideration, the Junior League of Atlanta has decided to close the Nearly New Shop in late Spring 2017. As the JLA celebrates its Centennial Anniversary, we recognize the great impact Nearly New has had in the metro Atlanta area. The store’s 68-year history is a testament to the dedication of some of our longest-serving League members and to you, our customers. Please stay connected to us via Facebook and email so we can keep you informed of upcoming sales and store discounts. Again, we thank you for your continued support!"

One Facebook member Matthew K. responded to the store's post with the following question:  "Did Toco Hill shopping center pressure you to leave in any way?"  After 15 hours, the question sits unanswered.  While I doubt Edens, (the Columbia, S.C. based firm that purchased the center in late 2015) "pressured" the store to leave, I feel confident that they did not make Nearly New feel welcome.  

While it's sad to see Nearly New close, it's not shocking considering the rent increases at Toco Hills following the center's purchase.  In the months since Edens purchased the center,  a number of longtime tenants of the landmark intown center have closed including Shoe Center, Famous Pub and Petite Auberge.  (Petite Auberge, now Petite Violette, merged with Violette on Clairmont Road and has since reopened in their space.)

The approximately 9,000 square foot Nearly New Shop is located beside Spiller Park Coffee, the one new tenant Edens identified it has a signed lease with.  Surely, Edens has a far more upscale "high brow" tenant lined up to better complement the hip coffee shop.    

For fans of Nearly New, there is one good piece of news in all of this.  According to a statement on the Junior League's website, the store may return as a pop-up in the future.   Their website states, "After the close, the legacy of the Nearly New Shop will continue through targeted pop-up stores and other impactful volunteer opportunities."

What are your thoughts on the changes at Toco Hills shopping center?  What new tenants would you like to see added to the center?  What is your fondest memory of Toco Hills shopping center?   

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

I didn't care for the Toco Hills location. I used to shop in their Lindbergh Plaza store and loved when they moved to Howell Mill. They should come back to the Westside! There's a vacancy since Ross closed in The District at Howell Mill...

Anonymous said...

More of the same at Toco Hills. The rumor mill says Costco is a possibility? I don't think it could even fit.

The Doubtful Guest said...

What happened to Costco replacing Macy's at N. Dekalb Mall?

Anonymous said...

All landlords are jacking up rents. It's a common theme among retailers. In a time during which brick and mortars are dying, somehow commercial real estate owners and landlords are greedier than ever.

KevinT said...

The vacant Tuesday Morning location is just down the street. They should look into relocating.

Anonymous said...

Not sad about the Nearly New store leaving. I had heard some great things about it but I thought it was trashy.

I miss the big gift shop they used to have....It may have been in the Nearly New space. I think the store name started with an A but not sure. Also miss the Shoe Center!!!! I liked the uniqueness of the Petite Auberge spot.

I hope they keep the liquor store and the Ace but won't be surprised if they force them out too.

Atlantan99 said...

@Anon RE: big gift shop at Toco Hills,

The place was called Addison Avenue and its former space is both Nearly New and I believe, a portion of Office Depot, which itself was previously Linen Loft and before that, A&P.

Thanks for your comments and readership!

Becky England said...

I love The Nearly New store and was thrilled when they moved to Toco Hills. I look forward to their incarnation as a pop-up store!

Jenni Lang said...

A Taco Mac would be great in the famous spot. Ide like to see some more local shops too. roost was great. Is there enough space for a tjmaxx? Seems like a good fit.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see a better burger type place, some type of dessert place (fancy cupcakes, cookies, donuts, etc.), a large TJ Maxx (demo can support a higher end one, like in Dunwoody or Buckhead), maybe some fast casual lunch place like F2O or similar. Also a cute taqueria, and a pizza place that people actually want to go to. Right now the only restaurants I go to there are Top Spice, La Parilla, Chipotle, and Bagel Palace. I love Bagel Palace but thing they should change their name to indicate that they are so much more than bagels! Their deli is amazing, as is the full sweets bakery!