Monday, November 20, 2017

[VIDEO] One Night In Buckhead

With all the changes going on in Atlanta - new developments, store closures, restaurant closures, Dome implosions etc. - ToNeTo Atlanta wanted to take a moment to share a cool Atlanta throwback video we discovered.

Titled "One Night in Buckhead," the video was apparently shot in 1985 and features "Biff & The Buckwads" performing a parody of the 1984 song "One Night in Bangkok" by English actor and singer Murray Head.  

The video, which is of rather good quality for its age, features a number of popular Buckhead restaurants, most of which have since closed, or in the case of Henri's, relocated.   

Once popular establishments such as Limelight, The Acapulco Bar, Buckhead Bistro, Harrison's on Peachtree, Carlos McGee's, Trotters Restaurant, The Clubhouse, Aunt Charley's, Texas State Line Barbeque, Peachtree Cafe, Pearson's, Peachtree Cafe and  Zazu's are among the eateries featured in some way in the roughly four minute video.  

Besides Henri's, in business since 1929, Five Paces [Inn] on Irby Avenue, in business since 1955 and Johnny's Hideaway on Roswell Road, in business since 1979, are the only establishments featured in the video that remain in business today.  

The video also features cameo appearances by "The Birdman of Buckhead".  "The Birdman" would ride his blue Schwinn cruiser bike with a basket on the front all over town, especially in Buckhead, and while riding he'd wave both arms up in the air over and over again.  Locals with whom ToNeTo Atlanta spoke indicated that his popularity and notoriety was similar to that which "Baton Bob" enjoys today.  

What is your favorite memory of  "the old" Buckhead? What restaurant or bar do you wish someone would reopen?  Where is your favorite Buckhead area restaurant or bar?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Not so long ago, but:

Ham said...

Wow, lots of old restaurants/bars plus Lewis, Ron, and the old Sears! Although my memory is clouded by time, and shall we say other things, I believe I hit most of those places “back in the day”. I guess my fondest memory was just the general atmosphere of the area at that time. You could walk around the old village, cruise Roswell & Peachtree and hit numerous places. Anyone remember Confetti’s?

Carl Muth said...

Aunt Charley's and Carlos McGee's Pretty fun places in the 80's. As far as I remember...

Anonymous said...

Certainly dated, but filled with memories. Buckhead does seem to have "grown up", in more ways than one. More interesting, I think.
But NOT to the traffic.

Coolio said...

Those cars and the men at the bar made me feel like I was watching an old episode of Dallas... and wondering who shot J.R.

Anonymous said...

Just relived my late college and single years. I don't make it to Buckhead anymore. Unless I drive under it on 400. I always saw The Birdman while he was walking in Brookhaven. How about Bobby Brookhaven? I guess he was more 70s.

Anonymous said...

Love the hairstyles and outfits - LOL -
Well, most of this was before your time - but very nostalgic to see Ron Hudspeth and a toast to Lewis Grizzard, Limelight, other great haunts .... all gone.
Er Loved the Buckhead Saloon (next door to Limelight) - didn't see it here.
Amazing how very white this video is (and Buckhead was at the time)