Monday, September 15, 2008

The Clubhouse At Lenox Not "Where You Belong"

The Clubhouse restaurant at Lenox Square has closed. As I was just at the mall this past weekend myself, this seems to have been an overnight development. A sign in their window reads 'lost lease." Lenox guest services seems to have been caught off guard themselves, as they seemed to have no knowledge of the closure. Though the restaurant is still listed as mall tenant as of tonight, the Atlanta location is off The Clubhouse corporate website. Having been in the front of Lenox Square for what seems like a lifetime, they never seemed to be especially busy nor were they often mentioned in any restaurant guide books. For me, on my few dining experiences inside, they seemed to be similar to a Chilis or Longhorn in food quality, but closer to Prime (its upstairs neighbor) in price. Overall, it's a restaurant I don't see as being missed by a lot of people, except maybe for the employees who seem to have been left in the dark as well.

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