Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Former Clubhouse Primed For A "Grand" Addition

After The Clubhouse closed this week, I immediately began to think of what may come to take its place. My best guess, and what I'm making my official prediction... The Grand Lux Cafe! A new concept developed by The Cheesecake Factory, the chain has been expanding of late with 3 stores in south Florida in the past 24 months. Word has it that Atlanta was on their list of upcoming markets. Having seen and eaten in their Town Center at Boca Raton (another SIMON property) location myself, I think it would be perfect for the space! Repeat Atlanta!

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Go Blue 99 said...

I've eaten a few times at the Grand Lux in Vegas (Venetian Hotel), and at their location in Chicago. I really don't know how much it could add to the Atlanta dining landscape, since it's so similar to Cheesecake Factory (obviously some corporate synergy is going on).

You have the same wide-ranging menu, with a lot of drinks, and a ton of huge desserts. That being said, Cheesecake seems to be very popular in Atlanta and I agree that Grand Lux would do well financially (well, maybe not in this current economy).

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