Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mama's Estranged Daddy In Deep Trouble

Mama Fu's founder Martin Sprock and current Raving Brands president Daryl Dollinger are facing a lawsuit brought against them by Twenty-nine franchisee-plaintiffs. Among other claims, the group alleges there was an overall misrepresentation and distortion of materials and statistics related to customer counts and profitability of Mamu Fu's restaurants. Other accusations allege kickback schemes, poor marketing and an insufficient franchise support system. The trial is set to begin February 17, 2009 and will be tough for both sides. Personally, I believe every word of the nine count accusation. Though I was never an actual employee of any Raving Brands franchise, I was familiar with much that went on via friends at their corporate office in Buckhead. I was put to work by executives, at that time I was labeled a "raving fan of Raving Brands", promised things that were not delivered, told things that were not true, and witnessed things that were flat out wrong. Friends of mine have gotten food poisoning from what had been their flagship restaurant in Buckhead on Peachtree Rd. and have since made a pact not to return. The management team needs a wake up call and hopefully this trial will be the the ice water in the face to wake them from their fantasy. Repeat Atlanta!

Click here for more info on the lawsuit.


Skreet said...

Plus the food was nasty. Pouring vast quantities of sesame oil over noodles and calling that "Asian Food" just does not work.

Anonymous said...

I guess they are not in too deep of trouble since they won the lawsuit. I understand that the judge ruled in Sprock's/Ravings favor even before they presented their side of the story.

Sad thing is every time someone loses money doing anything they want to blame someone else. That is what is wrong with our country.

If you were an employee at Raving (especially at Moe's) you should appreciate like a lot of people and a lot of franchisees at Moes and other concepts that a lot of money has been made by a lot of people (including a lot of franchisees) from concepts these guys created. Doesn't make sense when one guy makes it and one guy doesn't and the one who doesn't wants to cry and say it is someone else's fault.

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