Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Maxim Prime-d For Buckhead Move?

Jeffrey Chodorow's Maxim Prime restaurant will close its first location March 1st*. Open for about a year, the restaurant was the first of a number of planned Maxim Prime locations nationwide. The reason behind the closure is owner David Marvin's desire to increase the meeting and banquet space of the hotel. There was talk months ago of Chodorow's China Grill restaurant coming to Buckhead, but no word of late. The speculation now being that Maxim Prime will reopen in a bigger Buckhead space within the next few months. Repeat Atlanta!
* Despite the closing date being reported as March 1st, a source within the restaurant claims it will in fact close this Sunday, February 15 after dinner service. Maxim-ize your time, eat while you still can!


Anonymous said...

Interesting- so this place must be doing well.

Anonymous said...

Time will tell whether Buckhead will ever see a Maxim Prime location. The owners were well aware of the space they had when they opened a year ago, the reality is that the location did not do well at all. This blogger will eat his well salted words if Atlanta ever sees another Maxim location in the near future in Atlanta. As far I can surmise, they are happy as heads of beef being spared the slaughter house to be leaving that dog of a location in the current economic climate.

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