Sunday, April 12, 2009

Coke Making It Hard To Not Be Happy With Beverage Selections

In other Coke news, plans call for their new fountain machine to be tested locally this Spring. A proprietary design, the new machine will use highly concentrated syrups to have the capability of producing 108 different beverages in the same space as the normal eight-valve machine. Consumers consistently say they want choice and Coke is responding with this revolutionary new machine. No word on where exactly the test locations will be but I'd say Willy's Mexicana Grill is good bet as they have tested numerous coke products in the past few years. Repeat Atlanta!

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Anonymous said...

The Willy's at Roswell and Wieuca had one of these a few months ago but not for very long. When I saw it, there was a long line of impatient adults waiting behind kids having fun with the touch screen. You couldn't even get your ice because it came out of the same dispenser as the drinks. The machines might be good in some places, but they don't seem like the best idea for places where people are in a hurry.

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