Sunday, April 12, 2009

Repeat Atlanta Hears New Coke Machine, Literally

After debuting last summer at the Beijing Olympics, Coke has brought their newest machine home to Atlanta and other southerns states for domestic testing. SIMON property group's Discover Mills among others is testing the new Coke machines that give the consumer more of an experience when purchasing a beverage. Rather than a large plastic front like other vending machines, this new machine, developed by interactive marketing agency Sapient and electronics maker Samsung, feature a large interactive flat screen display. The screen shows you current Coke commercials as well as relevant mall information in addition to the sale of beverages. Purchasing a beverage from this machine is a little different, you touch the drink you want and are then able to view a virtual bottle, nutrition facts, serving size, etc. and the price of the product. Another convenient feature, these machine also accept Discover, AmEx, Visa and Mastercard credit cards making that ATM visit unnecessary. Simon gift cards will also be accepted for payment as the machines, with there being talk of incorporating music downloads into the experience in the future. When we happened upon this machine at Discover Mills in Neighborhood 2 near Levi's, few shoppers seemed to be familiar with the machine though kids were seen having fun interacting with the screen. Hopefully this interaction will "open happiness" for Coke who has diversified its beverage portfolio in recent years withe acquisitions of both Vitamin Water and FUZE. Repeat Atlanta!

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