Friday, September 18, 2009

Sebastian's Closet [Out of Business] Closing Its Doors

This just in to Repeat Atlanta! A confidential insider has informed us that Sebastian's Closet in Buckhead will close its doors for good in the coming weeks. Located on Peachtree Road in the heart of Buckhead, Sebastian's Closet is based out of Dallas, Texas and opened the Buckhead store in July, 1991. The store completed an extensive renovation and relaunched the concept just under two years ago but has seemingly failed to attract the customers necessary to stay in business. Appealing to the affluent male consumer, Sebastian's was once quite popular but had fizzled in recent years. Ken Barber, former million dollar salesman at Sak's Fifth Avenue, was brought in to breath new life into the store after its relaunch but left shortly after to launch his own store. Ken Barber Clothing in West Midtown, carries men's suits, denim and knitwear, as well as cuff-links and ties. Ken Barber Clothing, fellow West Midtown boutique Sid Mashburn, and Miller Brothers Ltd. in Buckhead have probably taken at least some business from Sebastian's and each offer a shopping environment more in tune with today's male shopper. A Google search will show there is still a Sebastian's Closet in Dallas, Texas and another in Tacoma, Washington that is apparently a woman's consignment store now. Another day, another closure in Atlanta retail. Repeat Atlanta!

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Reactionary said...

Another day, another closure in Atlanta retail.

This is a micro demonstration of the Keynesian lie that the economy can be expanded by stimulating consumption. In fact, it is savings and production, not debt and consumption, that enables prosperity. The current "stimulus" packages (i.e., printing up money and handing it out, and adding the balance to the national debt and trade deficit) will just create future bubbles that will be liquidated in their turn. The iron laws will have their due.

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