Friday, February 26, 2010

Correction to Three Sheets Sandy Springs Post

I was contacted yesterday by both the PR firm and owners of 3 Sheets who wanted to clarify details of my posting. Not meaning for there to be confusion amongst the public, please note the following. Three Sheets is being opened by Jonathan and Ryan Akly, sons of Tony Akly. According to Ryan, Tony Akly, and his firm RCG are handling the design of the space and nothing more. (I had been told by an RCG employee earlier this month that Tony would design and operate the concept) Additionally Ryan wanted to make the distinction that their eatery will offer small plates, not tapas, a food historically a Spanish concept. Though I referenced both a sailing and Urban Dictionary definition in discussing their name, they say it has no real meaning and they leave it up to their guests to reason its name. Additionally, although I had heard from a variety of sources that the concept was to open in late February, I'm told by Akly that the opening is now set for early-mid April. ToNeTo Atlanta

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