Thursday, February 18, 2010

RCG Goes From Consultant To Operator ?

Restaurants Consulting Group, Inc., a firm whose design work includes MF Buckhead in Terminus, the upcoming relocation of Tomo Restaurant to the new Ritz-Carton residences in Buckhead, and my favorite but now closed Sobu eatery Taurus, is now opening their own concept. Tony Akly, owner of RCG, and former restaurateur, was unable to the sell the restaurant space below his office, so he elected to build something. (Perhaps build it, market it, and hope to get an interested party to purchase it.) Located in what was once The Loop Pizza Grill and most recently the relocated and short lived Fishmonger, "3 Sheets" is said to feature "cocktails - music - bites". The space, in case you're unfamiliar, is in the Kroger shopping center, at the corner of Sandy Springs Circle and Hammond Drive, just off Roswell Road. Aside from 3 Sheets origin in sailing, its "Urban Dictionary" definition is to be explicitly drunk; inebriated. Described by an RCG representative as a Martini and Cigar lounge, 3 Sheets will have live music and small appetizer / tapas food. Originally scheduled to open earlier this month, the opening has been delayed by permits and such and may not open till mid March. ToNeTo Atlanta

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