Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here 2 Serve Re-concepting Again, Home Now Coast

Tom Catherall is at it again, this time re-concepting Home restaurant as Coast Seafood & Raw Bar, set to open in April. Located at 111 West Paces Ferry Road, the space has been anything but lucky for restaurateurs. Gunter Seeger closed his notable restaurant in the space in 2006, Here 2 Serve opened Posh a few months later. Posh didn't last long and Catherall re-concepted and renamed the restaurant Home. He brought in Top Chef finalist Richard Blais. While Blais achieved little success prior to his appearance on Top Chef, his celebrity profile increased and his involvement at Home translated to week long waitlists to dine. Not six months after being hired as executive chef at Home, Blais left to begin work on what we now know as FLIP Burger Boutique. After his departure from Home, reservations could be had with ease as the excitement had abated. The restaurant apparently did OK, but one had to see a change like this afoot. Even with the St. Regis open across the street, the restaurant never looked crowded. Last month, H2S reworked another concept, turning LOLA Bellini Bar and Lounge into Cantina Taqueria & Tequila bar. I worry about simply changing the menu of the restaurant as it seems in both cases that the location and lack of accessible parking was as much a problem as the food itself. In any case, Coast will have a leg up on The Big Ketch - Oyster Bar & Seafood Grill, being opened in the old Taco Stand, but not until at least May. ToNeTo Atlanta

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CB said...

Posh was OK... Home was JUST OK... we went when Blais was there, and the had a temporary sense of superiority in their service - like we were lucky to be eating there... a few weeks later when Blais was gone the service was back to grateful that we were there.

The only H2S location that I really like is Aja.

We used to go to LOLA quite a bit for lunch - i really liked that.

I probably will not try the new concept there.

Owen Renn (shortstack) said...

All things considered, if somebody hired me to work in a kitchen without any open flames, I'm not sure how much I could get done either.

Blais since leaving Catherall's restaurantss has yet to disappointment, and I don't watch Top Chef so I don't throw much credit to the television on this one.

Catherall has yet to fully impress me, all his efforts seem "almost there" but never fully achieve complete culinary success for me personally.

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