Monday, March 8, 2010

Thirsty Dog Tavern Opening In Former VITA

The former VITA space is reopening as "The Thirsty Dog Tavern." One of the original Mick's restaurants in the 90s, the space had sat vacant for a little over a year when Tony LaRocco joined with other investors to open VITA. LaRocco, you may recall, previously owned Fratelli di Napoli before he sold it and moved to Florida. Diagnosed with leukemia, he returned to Atlanta, now not wanting the hassle of owning and running a restaurant, he became an investor in VITA: an independent Maggiano's, if you will. VITA opened in early 2008 and remained open until this past February as both an event space and a smaller restaurant, "Little VITA." Now, seeing a void in the area for sports bar like atmosphere, the group behind VITA will open "The Thirsty Dog Tavern" in mid-to-late March, hopefully by the 17th. Described by management as a blend of Hooters, the Tilted Kilt and FOX Sports Grill, I worry about the wisdom of launching a new concept, describing yourself as similar to others. ToNeTo Atlanta

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Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago, after the Fox news blurb about the animal-friendly space and family-friendly atmosphere, we piled the kids in and tried it out. The food was mediocre at best, the service was friendly but vapid and the menu was disappointing. Although we are still on the hunt for a "local" we can take our kids to safely, it's nice to again knock a contender off the list.

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