Monday, July 19, 2010

La Fourchette Stakes Its Claim in Buckhead

La Fourchette, "the fork" in French, will be the name of a new restaurant to open at 3135 Piedmont Road. Opening in a space that has not been the best of luck for restaurants as of late, the new concept will be a "Bistro & Lounge" according to its still under construction website. The space was originally home to Schlotzsky's Deli and later Jermaine Dupri's Cafe Dupri from June 2005 until its abrupt closure in June 2008. Most recently, the space was home to a relocated Agnes & Muriel's. Agnes & Muriel's had been in the same old building in Midtown for years before being sold and moved. Agnes & Muriel's lasted less than 10 weeks before abruptly closing. While there are restaurants called "La Fourchette" in Charleston, SC and Washington D.C. , as well as across Europe, I believe this to be an independent operation. Hopefully La Fourchette will break out of the restaurant rut this space has been in, but I'm not betting on it. ToNeTo Atlanta

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Bryan Marquardt said...

I wondered what happened to Cafe Dupri...thanks for the update and history of the spot.

Anonymous said...

I wish the Schlotzsky's would return, it was savory. I think the traffic is too terrible for anything to work well (and parking lot too small).

Anonymous said...

The website is still under construction: and is on Test mode only. It is exciting to have the place reopened, I spoke to the owners and they have a very impressive restaurant experience and background and sems that they will have a great menu from all over the mediterranian from spanish paella to steak au poivre.
Hope to work well and parking does not seem to be a issue!!!!
Good luck.

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