Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer School Special

As some of you may know, aside from being the creator of ToNeTo Atlanta, I'm a full time student at Georgia State University. Currently enrolled in summer classes, I've been asked to poll you, my readers, regarding an Atlanta landmark. As part of my Strategic Planning course, my class has been tasked with developing a strategic plan for The Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum, located at 800 Cherokee Avenue, next to Zoo Atlanta. The goal of the survey at right is to gauge the interest and awareness of this Atlanta attraction. Please take this single question survey and use the comment section of this post for any other relevant comments you care to make.


Anonymous said...

As a native Atlantan, I remember visiting on a school field trip. Maybe in 6th or 7th grade? Since then I have heard the Cyclorama and Civil War Museum mentioned in passing maybe 3 times in my entire adult life. I'm 36 and, with the exception of a 4 year jaunt to the west coast, have lived here my whole life - barely hearing about either at all. Perhaps it's PR is targeted at out of town tourists rather than intown residents?

Emma said...

Hey fellow Panther!! I remember going with my mom once but it was absolutely ages ago--definitely more than five years--it's actually pretty cool especially for Civil War buffs (mom), even if you're local. Maybe your class can figure out a better way for the Cyclorama to advertise itself. :)

John Marc said...

I live in Grant Park and I went with my Mom and Aunt (both from out of town) this past Thanksgiving weekend. My visit takeaways - overall it was cool as a resident of Atlanta to learn exactly where in Atlanta the battles took place. The intro video needs very badly to be re-done, it's just very dated (would be a cool pro-bono project for any advertising agency/production firms). I was very impressed with the guide, I don't remember his name, but he did a great job.

I wouldn't go back by myself, but would take other guests from out of town.

Anonymous said...

As a history major and civil war buff, I love this place! I went in school as a teenager and, now that I am back living in Atlanta, I go pretty frequently (last time I went was this past fall) I also take out of town guests to come see it whenever they are in town... for example last year some relatives from New Jersey came into town and this was certainly a spot I showed them. It represents some of the unique history of this part of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Although I have heard of these places and passed by them, I believe they have limited marketing
support. By way of comparision,
a venue such as the GA Aquarium is
often in the local press with group meetings, charity events, etc. An out of town friend was recently in town for some corporate training. Without prompting he asked where the Coke Museum and Aquarium were. So he was obviously getting some impressions from his hotel or signage at airport or somewhere.
I just think the two venues in your study are not out in front of folks enough. Just my unscientific observations.

Good luck on your project.

- Bill S.

Bryan Marquardt said...

I too went on a field trip to the Zoo and Cyclorama...the Zoo gets press and interest, but I too have lived here all my life and have been a handfull of times when the relatives came to town in my younger years. I am surprised it is still around, frankly. They need a boost and more promotion. It is a great asset to the city that is not promoted.

Joe said...

You don't have a vote option for "I've heard of it, but I've never been."

Atlantan99 said...

Hello Joe,

Thank you for your interest in participaiting. Please select "I've heard of it but don't recall" as your answer choice.


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