Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Local Pizza Man Gets In on Yogurt Craze

It seems that Clay Harper of La Fonda Latina and Fellini's Pizza fame could not resist getting in on the Fro-Yo craze. Alongside his La Fonda and Fellini's eateries at Wieuca and Roswell roads in Buckhead, Harper will soon open "Three on the Tree" in the former Wolf Camera retail space. I was a little perplexed by the name, as it doesn't seem to hint at what's being sold. "Three on the Tree" is the nickname for a 3-speed column shifter, which became common in American cars in the 1940s and 1950s. This will be Harper's first yogurt shop, and first new location since opening a fifth La Fonda Latina on Howell Mill Road last year.

While it's difficult to picture the finished product at this point, I was told by separate restaurant representatives that they will open in 2 or 4 weeks. With what I saw when I stopped by yesterday, I'm inclined to think they will open in mid-to-late August. Described as simply a yogurt joint, it's likely it will be similar to local shops Yogli Mogli and Yoforia. The location at 1441 Roswell Road is not far from Tuxedo Festival where California based Menchie's will open a new location in the coming months. North on Roswell, near the intersection of Roswell and Abernathy, the original Yogli Mogli has a solid following likely not to be affected by the new shop's opening. Fellini's has released no information that I can find about their new venture, no website, Twitter or Facebook page that I could find. Judging from Planet Smoothie's decision to adopt the "by the ounce" rather than "by size" pricing model for their new "Planet Living" prototype, I'd tend to think that Three In The Tree will be a similar set up a la Yogli Mogli and unlike the new Pinkberry. I hope to get more concrete information in the coming weeks and will be sure to update the site accordingly.
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