Friday, December 10, 2010

No Surprise as One Cafe Blanc and Yoeshi Close, Permanently

After multiple opening delays and then multiple "temporary closures," I received confirmation this week that the wonderful concepts that were One Cafe Blanc and Yoeshi downtown have closed for good. I added these joints to my DeathWatch mentally before they opened but didn't have the heart to award them official DW designation until after they opened. It seems the designation was deserved all along. Far too many entrepreneurs, it seems, have a clouded vision when it comes to what it takes to create a successful restaurant. Heck, I'm still a student, ( graduating in mere days if you're hiring) , but it takes some serious lack of judgment to pour in the amount of money the owners surely did and not do appropriate feasibility studies. Student traffic is A. not consistent, and B. should not be thought of a main source of sales knowing the frugality of students. The restaurants combined what seemed like 6 concepts (Burgers, Burritos, Crepes, Salads, Sushi and Yogurt) , into 2, with food that was nothing special. ToNeTo Atlanta

It's been a light week here at ToNeTo Atlanta. Fear not, I'm working on some exciting news for next week and beyond. Until then, feel free to follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook for interesting bits you may find interesting in the meantime.


Amanda said...

I was gonna message you about this earlier. I really liked having a burger there, and I was hoping to have one today but no such luck...and darn I had to go to Grindhouse instead.
I really liked the chef but after he told me how they wouldn't even be capable of like a 10% off discount for students I was like this place is so doomed if you are barely making a 10% profit on what you are selling.

Atlantan99 said...

Hey Amanda,

Thanks for thinking of me and for the comment!

Do you live nearby or are you a commuter student to GSU?

I dined in there once and that enough. But yes, being a hospitality student at GSU myself, you are totally correct that his inability / unwillingness to offer a 10% student discount is a bad sign. Certainly on the Yogurt and Crepes, if not the burgers, there should be a good margin.

You mentioned you not like em? I had my doubts when they opened but by golly people are coming , sans students, they are coming. The Turkey burger there is darn close to the best I've had. It will be nice to have the newer, bigger and closer one on Piedmont in January.

What's your favorite downtown eatery?

Thanks for reading and for the comment!

Muffin said...

I too am really excited about Grindhouse opening on Piedmont. It will be so great to have another lunch option in the area. Woohoo! Turkey and Veggie Burgers!

Amanda said...

As an econ student at GSU as soon as he said "the best discount we could probably do for students would be a free soda," I'm like "one day soon I'll be walking here and this is going to be gone."
I'm a commuter student, I had to go to a math lab at the Commons for 3 hours a week, so I stopped in there maybe 3 times all semester. The first time I ordered a panini and itwas not good, but you can easily drag me in by letting me make a burger with avocado and not charging a dollar for it.

And oh I love Grindhouse. I was just being sarcastic that instead I HAD to go there. Oddly enough it was very devoid of Grady employees for once, guess they get cold too easily. I can't wait for the Piedmont location at all.

Usually for lunch I tend to head for Baker St., I really love Ali Baba. They always give me free things to try, the way to a college student's heart, and they'll actually make food spicy for me.

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