Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Bell Tolls For NOON Midtown

NOON Midtown has closed. NOON opened April 2009 in the lobby level of 1010 Midtown to much fanfare and seemed to be quite popular at the start. While rumors of its closure have swirled for the better portion of a week, it seems yesterday was their last day of service. The restaurant's Twitter and Facebook both remain active, each with updates as recently as yesterday, but as 11 am came and went, no update (as had been the case in the past) and their phone goes unanswered.

Katie Birmingham, a former sous chef at Bacchanalia, ran the kitchen, and together with her husband designed a very chic dining room. This past October, NOON was even featured in the locally filmed CW show "Vampire Diaries." The restaurant experimented with dinner service last year but went back to a lunch / Saturday breakfast schedule, open 11a - 3p soon after. I'm not sure what the occupancy of 1010 is at the moment but surely the restaurant did not bank on that business doing only two day parts. Perhaps many of the office workers nearby are going to Highland Bakery or Piola for lunch? No matter what, NOON's closure is a loss for the city.

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Anonymous said...

They were never open! At least 4-5 times, we have tried to go there for lunch, dinner or coffee and they were always closed.

Anonymous said...

Is there any *factual* evidence they are actually closed?

I'm getting really tired of ToNeTo and What Now Atlanta trying to battle it out for who can get out info first, regardless of whether or not it's actually true... or if they have the info to back up their claims.

Atlantan99 said...

Hello Anon,

Yes, there is factual evidence of their closure. The restaurant's last day of business was in fact January 7th as reported and the restaurant was not open yesterday ( Saturday) 11a-3p as normal. A drive to the restaurant later in the afternoon showed showed tables and chairs stacked and blocking the entrance. Numerous neighboring businesses and countless industry contacts also confirmed this closure.

Additionally, I would appreciate you not grouping my site in with others who may make it their business to report first, whether accurate or not. I take the time to confirm my stories and have a darn good track of accuracy spanning nearly 3 years.

Thanks for your interest.

Anonymous said...

I really love Noon and hope the news isn't true. I did find their hours erratic and wish they could have been open more conveniently. I really hope these talented people can make a go of it again, here or elsewhere.

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