Saturday, January 22, 2011

Semi-Sweet Times at Lenox Square , Lindt Closing

Lindt, Master Swiss Chocolatier, will close its 7-year-old location at Lenox Square this weekend. Originally set to close on the 28th, it's likely that their existing merchandise, mostly Christmas leftovers, will last only until Sunday. The store is located on the upper level of the mall, adjacent to Bloomingdale's. Apparently the sale started before Snowpocolypse 2011, but the reductions have only gotten serious lately.

I happened to notice a friend who works at a designer retailer in the Luxury Wing walk by. He was amazed, and commented "Every store in this mall is closing!" My question is, what retailer or tenant might fill such a small space? Before Lindt, the space was a Barnie's Coffee. One possibility is for Bloomingdale's to take it over.

Lindt's closure leaves no Lindt retail stores in the metro area, although there are countless stores with wholesale accounts. Lindt had closed their store at Perimeter Mall a few years back, and now leaves the market in those malls largely to Godiva.

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thejohnp said...

Considering you can buy Lindt just about everywhere, even found it at CVS, I'm sure it was hard to justify the cost to keep these stores open.

Although I do miss those after holiday sale price deals I used to be able to score.

thejohnp said...

Oh and speaking of chocolate businesses closing, just found out that Chocolate Pink on Juniper is now closed. THAT is sad news indeed.

Atlantan99 said...

Hey John P,

Yep Chocolate Pink closed towards the end of last year. Management sent out an email to patrons and closed soon after. On the bright side, check out the new post bout Godiva at Lenox!

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Very doubtful that Bloomingdale's would use the space...they have unused space in their Lenox store already and seeing that both their Atlanta stores just went through another round of layoff's last week, money is too tight for expansion.

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