Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue Corset Belly Up at Lenox Square

The Blue Corset Co. has closed at Lenox Square. After closing their East Paces Ferry location in summer 2009, they reopened in the Luxury Wing of Lenox Square. From what I'm hearing, Salvatore Ferragamo will relocate there temporarily while their existing space is expanded and remodeled. There is talk that Hermes would then reclaim their space once Ferragamo's buildout is complete, but that not confirmed. Other sources suggested Hermes might be more interested in opening in Phipps but there seems to be more availability in Lenox Square at this point.

The Blue Corset has been on DeathWatch for a while and most recently was given a 30 day life. With their closure last week, they closed within the 30 day window. They may actually have been a "placeholder," as I had previously referred to them. Word is they will soon reopen at 56 East Andrews! Additional recent DeathWatch closures have included Merino, Larisa Glazirani and Fatburger. My bet is Pure Denim follows suit and closes soon and that Vince at Phipps doesn't make it too much longer.

At Phipps, there is increased speculation that Barney's New York CoOp may not last til fall, and may close over the summer. Perhaps word that Legoland would be their new tenant made them think twice? Speaking of Legoland, what is the consensus? I'm hearing it will force the closure or relocation (without Simon subsidies) of basically the entire food court. Good idea, bad location?

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KLo said...

The Phipps location of Barney's Co-Op has survived a recent round of store closings; they shut their doors at three of the most successful malls in the country: Houston Galleria, Somerset Collection in Troy and The Westchester in White Plains. Hopefully that's a good sign that their parent believes in the Atlanta market and they are here for a long time!

Atlantan99 said...

Hey KLo,

I'd like to think that were the case but I doubt it is. I see those closures as the writing on the wall for Phipps. Surely the Westchester store had better sales than Phipps. I think it's all about the leases. Apparently the stores you mentioned were 5 year leases that were not renewed. If simon has someone interested in opening at Phipps in their space, I think Barney's will be ready and willing to vacate. I'm told merchandise is already being withheld from the store.

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