Friday, February 25, 2011

Seed Kitchen & Bar Hopes to Take Root in East Cobb

Doug Turbush, who last month left Buckhead Life's Bluepointe restaurant where he was Executive Chef, will soon open a new Farm-to-Table restaurant at Merchants Walk in East Cobb. Originally to be called Heirloom Kitchen & Bar, Turbush opted for a name change to avoid confusion with Heirloom Market BBQ, a new restaurant not far from Cumberland Mall.

Now called Seed Kitchen & Bar, the restaurant will open adjacent to the coming Whole Foods, with both expected to open later this summer. Turbush is a Wisconsin native, but had been with Buckhead Life since 1999. Having started at Nava under Kevin Rathbun, his most recent stint was the aforementioned EC role at Bluepointe. Ian Winslade, with whom he worked at Bluepointe, is now a partner in Buckhead Bottle Bar, and Kevin Rathbun is doing his thing in Inman Park with Rathbun's, Kevin Rathbun Steak and Krog Bar. Joey Riley, another Buckhead Life alum, left Buckhead Diner last year to open Kaleidoscope in Brookhaven.

While Chef Turbush does have both a Twitter account and a blog, neither have been active since 2009. Perhaps he will get more involved in social media and become the burbs' TheAngryChef (Ron Eyester of Rosebud and the forthcoming Family Dog).

Seed Kitchen & Bar is said to feature locally sourced ingredients served in a casual atmosphere. Turbush spent time in Southeast Asia before Atlanta, and Seeds' menu will reflect his broad culinary experiences. Design wise, Turbush has enlisted the expertise of local firm Ai3, the same firm responsible for FLIP Burger Boutique, Holeman & Finch Public House, Miller Union and a host of other operations.

Having lived ITP my entire life, I guess I'm kind of spoiled with the abundance of great restaurants and hope that Chef Turbush, currently a Marietta resident, finds success in East Cobb. (Side note- Merchants Walk recently saw Pinkberry open while there is a Yogli Mogli a stone's throw away, and both reportedly are doing well)

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Billy said...

Thanks for the info Eli...I was wondering where he would land.

lisa said...

so very happy to have turbush open a restaurant in east cobb! we are desperate for something besides chains and mexican food and frozen yogurt places. thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I hate East Cobb because they elect moron nutjobs like Rep. Bobby Franklin.

Anonymous said...

Smart move. This area is flush with cash and underserved by non-chain dining. Most of the people here won't drive into city for plenty of legit and non-legit reasons, so this will keep them home and introduce them to what will probably be good, interesting food that does not come out of some corporate branding machine.

Anonymous said...

glad to see them coming out since caffe fortunato ( which btw may be the best italian in all of atlanta) opened east cobb just keeps getting better and better

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