Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Three on the Tree Will Soon Be Three in the ATL

It is with great joy that I report that locally owned Three on The Tree will grow to three locations later this spring. Owned by Fellini's and La Fonda owner Clay Harper, the original location opened last July in a former Taco Bell / Wolf Camera near existing Fellini's and La Fonda locations at the corner of Wieuca and Roswell Roads. In keeping with his growth of La Fonda, locating them near existing Fellini's, Three on the Tree will follow a similar plan.

Hopefully by May, a second location will open within the Fellini's on LaVista Road near Oak Grove. An additional location is planned for the vacant building on Howell Mill next to their relatively new La Fonda restaurant. La Fonda opened July 2009 in the restaurant space that had been Slice Pizza prior to a police raid that shut it down. The adjacent building is already owned by Fellini's making the conversion to Three on The Tree easier. Both spaces are across the street from the apartments that house The Real Chow Baby on street level.

In case you have been living under a rock and have not made it in to Three on the Tree, (yes, weird name for a yogurt shop) you're missing out! This shop features six Fro-Yo flavors that change frequently. Among the more popular are the two flavors (sometime three) made in+house by chef Julia LeRoy. My favorites are Spiced Banana and Spiced Cinnamon Cake, among others. (This week they added Blueberry Smoothie!) Local shops Yoforia or Yogli Mogli both offer yogurt self serve at the standard 39 cents per ounce and have plenty of variety but not the creative flavors Chef Julia creates at Three on The Tree. Even worse, West Coast imports Menchie's and Red Mango have the same flavors as Yoforia and Yogli Mogli, possibly even from the same purveyor, YoCream, but charge 44 and 45 cents per ounce, respectively.

The LaVista location seems perfect as it is on the large side among Fellini's, and in one of the few intown neighborhoods not already covered with Fro-Yo joints, the nearest option being Menchie's new location at Toco Hill. It's a slightly different story on Howell Mill where Yoforia recently opened a location within the White Provisions development and Red Mango will soon open a new store near the intersection of Howell Mill and Collier Roads.

Another local favorite, the Yogurt Tap, had previously looked at opening in White Provisions and also at Tech Square, but it seems neither of those locations will happen. At Tech Square there is talk that the Marble Slab Creamery will follow the closure of its Buckhead location and become a Pinkberry.

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Anonymous said...

So how much did they pay you to write this fluff piece?

Atlantan99 said...


It's funny you should ask. I'am harassed for "hating on" too many joints and here is one I really and truly like, and I must have been paid? Three on the Tree happens to be my favorite fro-yo in town,so when I got word they were expanding, I was especially excited. While their expansion may not be public yet, I published it much like I do any scoop I get and as I'm a fan, I mentioned it. Sorry if you took my enthusiasm for this concept as a paid plug. I call out what I see as dumb concepts or poorly run operations and in this case, praised one I'm a patron of and have high hopes for.

Anonymous said...

A bit too close to the newly opened Yoforia within White Provisions. Don't see how that one block can support two frozen yogurt concepts.

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