Monday, March 14, 2011

Bang For Your Buck BBQ By the Ballpark?

Boners BBQ, a local company that up until this week operated purely as a catering and events business, will soon open their very own bricks and mortar location. Setting up shop in a building on Fraser Street in downtown Atlanta that housed a variety of restaurants over the years, Boners is situated very close to Turner Field. The actual building (pictured) may be familiar to many as being that odd structure with the stairs on both sides, seen most clearly from the Gold Lot.

With the tagline, "Put a little south in your mouth," Boners was started in 2001 and has recently done a lot of business as craft services for Atlanta's burgeoning (but currently threatened) movie and TV industry.

Boners has a Facebook page and Twitter account to keep people up to date on the restaurant's progress and as of last night, predicting an opening date of April 8th. A website also exists with features like "Food Porn," and "Peepshow," which are both clever and worth a look. Knowing Atlanta politics and the shenanigans the city makes businesses owners jump though, this may be optimistic, but surely they'll be open within 60 days. A recent graduate of Georgia State, I know that many students do park at the Turner Field lots for school, but worry that many won't be willing to walk a little extra before or after class to go grubbin at this joint. Hopefully Braves fans and the neighborhood will embrace it, and they will succeed in the space where so many have failed.

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Anonymous said...

I actually have had them in the past, it's quite good! But "Boner's" "in my mouth" not the best slogans.. oh well, hope they do well.

SB said...

Hmmm.... that's Hickory House (Dunwoody) slogan as well.

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