Friday, March 11, 2011

Appraisal Complete, Vetted Not Worth Your Time

After opening just this past fall, Vetted ATL has closed. As with the closings of Larisa Glazirani and Merino, the store was shopped so little, it's hard to pinpoint an exact closure date. Vetted's Twitter account was last updated January 24th and its Facebook page February 1st.

Vetted opened in a house on E. Paces Ferry Road that had most recently housed the short lived Lexie + Jane boutique. I placed the store on the DeathWatch earlier this year and sadly, my prediction was correct again.

I never really understood the reasoning behind opening a new boutique where one had just failed but hey, it's OPM. Having talked with both the owners of Vetted and of the Lexie + Jane boutique, there may have been some personal vendetta or ax to grind. April Wilkins, someone with years of marketing and promotions experience at Saks Inc. was put in charge of the operation, but given that she had basically zero SALES experience, I questioned her placement.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't want people's ventures to fail, but I do question the apparent lack of preparation and planning of so many businesses. Perhaps it's because I've grown up knowing the value of a dollar, or my business sense coming out, but why do so many people drop so much money in half-baked, poorly executed concepts?

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Anonymous said...

Apparently people think Atlanta is able to support the same type of boutiques that other large cities support just because of its size. They fail to realize that this city supports well-known brands and chains only and lacks the savvy or style to venture outside of that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if it was located in the Virginia-Highland area. Not all money is in the Buckhead area.

Chic Boutique Tour said...

Being an owner in the Boutique Business, I have seen time and time again that Atlanta shoppers don't want to spend much on their purchases no matter what their income bracket is. Atlanta is a major city but it is far from New York and LA.

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