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ToNeTo Atlanta DeathWatch Q3

With nearly 50 comments on DeathWatch 2.0 in May , it's clear that this section of the blog is popular! Be it morbid fascination or some other reason, y'all really like this stuff, and the comments show it. As 2011 progresses, please recall my correct predictions of the past quarter: Artuzzi's, Dogwood, Dolce, Emerald Coast Coffee & Grille and London Calling. While I'm not happy to see this happen, there's no denying the accuracy of my predictions. Please don't for a minute think that I arbitrarily add businesses to the Deathwatch. I examine the business and appraise the likelihood of them remaining viable and if not, for how long they may last.

Please find DeathWatch 2011 Q3 after the jump.


57th Fighter Restaurant (Near PDK Airport) - After opening for the third time, the restaurant seems doomed again. Its greatest asset, its cozy, hidden location next to PDK, is also its greatest weakness, as passersby don't realize it's there. I hope they can turn it around once and for all but I think they need to do a better job of marketing and promoting the restaurant.

AMUSE! (Midtown) - Located where for a short time Allegro was once located, it's doubtful this restaurant will last much longer. I went once, and that was enough to make up my mind. The food is decent but not great and the location is awful. I'd be amused to see them last through the fall.

BLT (W Downtown) Bistro Laurent Tourondel's BLT at the W Downtown is hardly the hit they hoped it would be. After the restaurant opened in 2009, I had dinner there before an event. My $45 Sea Bass was awful, and was matched by the lack of attentiveness of the staff. The fact that the restaurant serves as the hotel kitchen is certainly helping them, as a restaurant alone, it would have surely closed by now. I give them till the end of the year to reconcept.

Baroni (Brookwood) Baroni opened in the shuttered Wolfgang Puck Express last year and has fared OK, but not great. The closures of Swoozies, Sage and most significantly, Borders, will not to help the fledgling restaurant. I foresee this concept calling it quits within five months.

Boardwalk Burgers & Fries (Sandy Springs & Midtown) The Maryland-based chain expanded to offer burgers and signed up Michael Coles to franchise the brand in the Atlanta market. While I agree the fries are awesome, the burgers are not, with management insisting that they be cooked well done. Their location in Sandy Springs at Roswell and Hammond Drive is tucked away and not visible from either road. Their upcoming location in midtown at Ansley Mall is a better location but will suffer at the hands of locally owned Grindhouse Killer Burgers and the upcoming 5 Napkin Burger. I say quit while you can, stop construction in midtown, and call it quits in Sandy Springs ASAP.

Cantina Taqueria & Tequila Bar (Buckhead / Terminus) - Similar to the story below, this Here to Serve concept is just taking up space for now. Lola opened as Italian, then became Mediterranean, then closed. Now we have a Mexican concept, the cuisine du jour for restaurateurs to open. I previously suggested Tom Catherall entertain the idea of bringing back his "That's a Burger" concept but I doubt that will happen. While a longterm lease was signed for the space, I'm told (when) Catherall closes Cantina, he won't try another concept but will instead hope to flip the space to someone else.

Coast Seafood & Raw Bar (Buckhead) - Having opened in a seemingly cursed space that was previously Seeger's, Posh and Home, there's not much hope for this concept . As good (or bad) as the food may be, it's just a bad location. Seeger's was great, but it became impossible to make a go of it with a space so small. Here to Serve wisely added outdoor patio dining during the Home days, but in doing so, took valuable parking from the front. With the St. Regis across the street, one would think they could get enough business to survive, but that assumption means I'm saying the St. Regis has diners to send, which more often than not, it doesn't. I think they will do ok during the spring and summer months, bur fear their sales will dip soon after and may sink the concept by fall.

Decatur Diner (Decatur) After finally opening (for a day), the writing is already on the wall. The restaurant's sporadic hours and multiple delays have more than confused and troubled the neighborhood. Their sister diner in Sandy Springs closed after about four months in business and word that ownership is known to not pay vendors or employees, makes me question how they were even able to lease the restaurant in the first place. This restaurant will be closed by the end of the year.

Der Biergarten (Downtown / Luckie Marietta District) - Having now been open a few months, criticisms of this place have not changed. It's a dumb name, crappy location and a niche cuisine. I went to the opening and took a friend of German descent, we both agreed on one thing: once in a while we might want a Bratwurst or Schnitzel or what have you, but there is no way that this will be a viable concept long term. Legacy Property Group will continue to operate this sad eatery as long as they have the willingness or funding to do so.

Deckard's American Tavern ( Ponce de Leon Ave / Midtown) After opening last summer as Deckard's Kitchen & Kegs, the name was later changed to Deckard's American Tavern. While the pedigree is there: Matthew Deckard, Corporate Chef at Taco Mac, the restaurant's second level location and only OK food are major obstacles for this concept. As I mentioned, some eateries were subtracted from this list, The Family Dog being one. TFD has a great location and decent food, a location that could save Deckard's but instead I expect that Deckard's will close soon, maybe even by year end.

Erbert & Gerbert's (Decatur) - A local husband and wife chose one of the worst locations to open Atlanta's first Erbert & Gerbert's. Located along East Ponce de Leon Avenue, the restaurant is not within the city limits of Decatur and is not close enough to walk from like anywhere. Its closest neighbor is the adult entertainment club Pin-Ups and something tells me they won't see much business from there. I give 'em props for having the cool new Coca-Cola Freestyle machine that features over 100 beverages, but that alone will not save them. Not far away, IN Decatur, Jimmy John's recently opened and serves (IMHO) better food at a more customer friendly price point. All in all, decent concept, decent food plus horrific location spell failure for this new-to-town fast casual concept. As they did JUST open, I'll give 'em till next week to see the error of their ways... and until early next year to close.

EVOS ( Sandy Springs / Midtown / Roswell) - So riddle me this, why would a restaurant concept that fared poorly in Atlanta be bought out and see shuttered stores reopened? The original franchisees opened locations at The Prado in Sandy Springs and Viewpoint in Midtown. Another location was announced for Roswell. Just as DeathWatch Year End 2010 launched, the midtown location closed. Now, with new franchisees in place, the shuttered location in midtown was reopened and plans are in place to move ahead with the location in Roswell. I'm a recent graduate of Georgia State's Cecil B. Day School of Hospitality and I can't comprehend why any restaurateur / entrepreneur would invest in a failed concept with poor locations. It's like investing money in a sunken ship or a wrecked car: it's a lost cause. Multiple readers have reported the midtown location slower now than ever before. I'd like to hope this crappy concept calls it quits...for good, by year end... but hopefully sooner.

Encore Restaurant ( Lindbergh / Buckhead) Located at the corner of Morosgo and Piedmont near the Lindbergh MARTA station, this location is cursed for anyone. Poorly executed and marketed establishments such as Encore are especially susceptible. The restaurant is, well, not quite sure what it is. There are often carryover revelers from Wet Willie's and but I doubt this place will last much longer than six months.

Five Guys (Northside Drive / Peachtree Street) Five Guys is a prime example of a fast casual chain getting too big, too fast. It has opened far too many locations, too fast, often opening in poor locations just to have a presence in a desired neighborhood. As a case in point, their locations at Tivoli Tenside on Northside Drive and their recent opening at Spire in midtown. Neither location is easily accessible by patrons driving by, and the Northside location never seems busy. With Spire having just opened, it's too early to call them slow, but that is my prediction. Unless rent is reduced to pennies, I'd say the Tenside location lasts another 6 months or so, and the Peachtree location, not much more than a year.

Genki (Sandy Springs / The Prado) - Genki expanded from its popular Buckhead outpost on Roswell Road to the Prado last year and it could not have been a worse decision. On Roswell in Buckhead, the eatery is on a prime stretch of Roswell just before it merges into Peachtree. I don't know the exact traffic counts, but they are high. Sadly though, in the Prado, tucked in the back of the center near Joli Kobe and 5 Seasons Brewery, there is far less traffic, and Genki is surrounded by EVOS and the now closed Yoreka among others. Larry's Giant Subs threw in the towel in the adjacent storefront.

Mellow Mushroom (Downtown at Twelve Centennial Park) Located not far from the original eatery at North Avenue, this location opened with much fanfare but has never been able to capture customers after the white collars leave for the day and go home for dinner. Its location is far from ideal, with parking located on one-way Spring Street and within the TWELVE condos. Panchero's nearby didn't even last a year and Au Bon Pain across the street didn't last much longer.

Pita's Republic (Midtown) Florida-based Pita's Republic entered the Atlanta market with itsmidtown location. After many delays, the eatery opened in July of last year. A falafel enthusiast, I was eager to try theirs. Boy was I disappointed. They use premade falafel balls and wraps made for burritos rather than, dare I say it, PITAS! The space has been a few things, even a Gyro Wrap (Great Wraps) back in the day, and even they couldn't make it. While plans are on the books for a second location in Sandy Springs, I say, go back to Florida and save some money. I'll give this place till fall to fail. For the record, awesome falafels can be had in Buckhead at Al's Cafe Agora, near Emory at Pita Palace and in Sandy Springs at Cafe Posh.

Pizzeria Venti (Buckhead) - Atlanta-based Pizzeria Venti is in a tough spot, in more ways than one. Located on Lenox Road, in Lenox Village Shopping Center, the center and road outside it always cluttered with "Pizza" signs but the place is rarely busy. It's location is far from prime and not convenient or known for that matter by most Buckhead residents. Given the chain is still new, having started in 2003, and only has a handful of locations, they can't be taking lightly the thought of seeing this location close, so perhaps corporate will assist either financially or in a relocation effort.

Rise Sushi (Downtown) - Located within David Marvin's Luckie Marietta District, the restaurant has been on life support for over a year. I doubt they will be open the next time the Falcons play at the dome.

Slack's Hoagie Shack, dba Slack's Restaurant and Bar (Brookhaven / TOWN Brookhaven) - You already know how I feel about this place. Simply put, bad idea, plus bad location plus unproven concept equals failure. I'm told the franchisee is a retired millionaire who is opening the place for kicks, so I guess it may stay open as long as he has "play money" to sink into it. With Costco open but not doing the expected business, don't be shocked to see this restaurant close before other tenants like CinéBistro even open.

STEEL (Midtown / Plaza Midtown) Dallas-based STEEL has somehow stuck around for a number of years at the corner of West Peachtree and Peachtree Place. A number of boutique, bank, apparel and restaurant closures at Plaza Midtown have finally taken their toll on STEEL. With decreased hours and talk they are in trouble financially, I'd expect them to close by fall.

Swirll ( All Atlanta area locations) By far one of the weakest yogurt shops to open in Atlanta since Yoreka, this Texas-based chain is not gonna last. I walked in one, and walked out. Any one who knows me knows that I love frozen yogurt. This place has only decent yogurt in combination with pushy employees. The interiors look cheap and the the location on Wieuca, hidden from Roswell Road, has got to be one of the worst locations known to man! I give this crappy chain 'til early spring, unless they don't care if they make money or not.

Tantra ( South Buckhead) Having been featured on what seems like every deal site in Atlanta, this joint is in trouble. Not the best of locations or food, this restaurant and lounge is bound to be closed within six months.

The Real Chow Baby (Ponce de Leon location) Need I repeat myself? The food is good, the location awful.

Three on the Tree (Both locations) Originally one of my favorite yogurt shops, flavors have changed and not for the better and staff is beyond unhelpful. A call placed to the location on LaVista resulted in me being told among the flavors, they had one with a "H". Numbers are down, service is down, flavors are worse and prices are higher. Having also recently discontinued their partnership with Atlanta Fresh, I don't see this shop making it much past the Fall.

{three} sheets (Sandy Springs) - Located at City Walk this restaurant was opened by the children of RCG's (Restaurants Consulting Group) owner Tony Akly and it's my impression they have a long lease. That said, it's unlikely they will close until someone comes in to buy them out. The restaurant is busy but only for monthly special events such as the grilled cheese dinner and flavor tripping parties. It's hard to imagine the restaurant making sufficient profit if they are only busy a couple days each month.

Truva (Downtown) - They recently added outdoor dining but I doubt that will save them. Their Mediterranean cuisine is OK, but not the best by any means. They did what they could with the former Steak and Ale space but it just does not "seduce your senses." My reader predicts they will last no longer than next spring.

Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft (South Buckhead) - After opening November of 2009 in what was my favorite SoBu eatery, Taurus, Tuk Tuk Thai loft has been anything but impressive, let alone busy. The second level restaurant went through a total makeover. Charlie and Nan Niyomkul created successful restaurants in Nan Thai Fine Dining and Tamarind Seed at Colony Square but this newest concept may be a sign that they have lost their magic touch. Tamarind Seed at Colony Square took the place of repeated failed concepts by Here To Serve: Piri Piri and later, That's A Burger! A colleague of mine dined here shortly after opening, and remarked it should be called "Yuk Yuk" (Yuck Yuck). The food is overpriced for being billed as "street food," and it's just not as good as the Niyomkuls' other concepts. I give them till early summer at best.

Twisted Taco (Tucker and Buckhead ) - Two of a number of recent franchised locations to open, neither one has met the expectations of many area patrons and they are not in prime locations. Having taken over a failed Chili's restaurant, Twisted Taco Tucker faces nearby competition from Marlow's Tavern within the nearby DoubleTree Hotel and has been ripped a new one by patrons on sites like Yelp. In Buckhead, the location on Wieuca off Roswell is just bad and the place is rarely busy as a result. I doubt either location will make it into the new year.

Urban PL8 (West Midtown) - Pangaea, Milk & Honey: this space is not meant for a restaurant. Try as many have to make it work, it does not have the space to do the number of covers necessary to make a go of it. I went to the opening and loved the nut burger and if the place were not so far off the beaten path, I think it could work and might even exceed expectations. To rely on Turner employees and word of mouth marketing may work for Antico Pizza, but this place is in trouble and doomed.

Which Wich ( Lenox Square) OK, so it's not even open yet and it's already making my list, and the concept is convoluted and the food is just OK. I can go to either Panera or Corner Bakery and be far happier in so many ways. Other food court options like Subway will continue to do well unlike this mini version of a fast casual concept. I walked into their Atlantic Station location, stared in amazement at a rather large and confusing menu board, sought assistance, got none, and walked out. I doubt this place lasts much longer than a year unless SIMON plays favorites, as they are known to do, and keeps 'em in place just to do so.

Select Buckhead Life Restaurants ( Buckhead) The group faces far more competition in Buckhead now than ever before. With spending also down, I's say as many as three of their concepts will be sold or not have their leases renewed within the next twelve to eighteen months.


7 For All Mankind (Buckhead / Lenox Square) I can't make sense of it, but this store has not done well. Rock & Republic filed for bankruptcy last year, True Religion opened a second Atlanta area store at Perimeter Mall, and somehow 7 has not fared well. Parent company VF also opened a large The North Face store in the Whole Food Market anchored shopping center at West Paces, not far from arch rival Patagonia, it has apparently done well. With so many stores carrying 7 FAM jeans at retail price and less, perhaps over-abundance of the product has done the store in. I see the line as being the new Levi's in a sense, but you wouldn't think that walking by the store basically any day of the week. As sad as it is, it would not surprise me to see them close by early next year.

Bloomingdale's (Dunwoody / Perimeter Mall) - A far cry from the offerings of New York or even Lenox, this store's service is trumped by Chick-Fil-A on a daily basis. Bloomingdale's Perimeter has yet to meet expectations and seems to shrink its saleable floor space every visit I make. I won't go into all the miserable interactions I have personally experienced at this location, but let's just say they leave much to be desired. Management has yet to wake up and acknowledge the issues that plague their store, and as such, the store's sales and reputation have suffered. Some industry contacts have said this Bloomingdale's is tied for worst performing store in the chain. (I wonder which store they're tied with?) If Federated wants to improve their bottom line, they will close this store soon.

Barney's New York CoOp (Buckhead - Phipps Plaza) - Similar story to that of fellow Phipps retailer Jedal, Barney's is lucky enough to have deeper pockets by way of Istithmar, a private equity firm that purchased Barney's from Jones Apparel Group for $825 million in 2007. Once rumored to be on the map for a Barney's New York flagship, Atlantans have proven they won't support such high end and cutting edge designers by the lack sales for even the CoOp. With mounting losses and closures of many other better performing stores, I'd say they will be closed by late spring.

Coposhi (Buckhead) - If I get one more email from the guy that owns this place, I may just go in and verbally tell him to take me off his list. I included this new Buckhead boutique in the DeathWatch last year and since then, he has added me to his stores "VIP" email list. I guess I was unclear. I don't like your clothes, I think you have an awful location, a goofy name and will be closed soon. Oh yeah, please remove me from your mailing list, as I am not interested!

Jedal (Buckhead - Phipps Plaza) - The first in a string of local merchants wooed to Phipps Plaza, there is little hope for their survival. They don't carry brands that many care or know about and they are not in the East Village of NYC. Atlantans know what they want and they buy it. Barney's is suffering from the same issue, though it has the corporate dollars to keep the door open and hope for improvement. Jedal, on the other hand, is trying to be the Dresscodes (shuttered Decatur boutique) of shoes and introduce Atlantans to designers they might not otherwise be familiar with. When Phipps discontinues its favorable rent incentives, it's likely this store will be unable to stay. Just as we recently saw Merino at Shops Around Lenox close, Jedal is surely to follow soon.

LoveSac (Buckhead / Lenox Square) This retailer of "sactionals" and other strange furniture opened at Lenox Square in the Fall of 2009 and has amazingly stayed at the mall this long. I rarely see many people in the store other than the two employees (who constantly change) It's only a matter of time for Simon to get someone to take the space as I believe they signed a short-term agreement. The space is small, so perhaps Simon simply can't find anyone to take it.

Microsoft Store ( Buckhead / Lenox Square) While the store has only been open since late May, I think it bears saying that this store is a colossal waste of money and space. Apple boasts the highest sales per square foot of virtually any retail operation, especially in the electronics sector. Sony Style and Calvin Klein White Label recently proved it's foolish to try and sell products so ubiquitous that any half intelligent consumer can and would buy elsewhere for significantly less. Microsoft should stick to what it does best: software. I'll buy a Windows Phone if their stores lasts longer than 18-24 months.

Valentino (Buckhead / Phipps Plaza) It's sad to say, but this is just not a store Atlantans can support. With couture designs and a select clientele, I'd be surprised if this store has made "plan" a single month since opening. This couture label is past its prime and unless Buckhead Betty's grandmother is in there more often than I realize, I doubt they will be in business after the holiday season.

Versace (Buckhead / Phipps Plaza) Once a favorite in Atlanta and elsewhere, the store's glitzy makeover last year could not save this store. Its sales are down and it's lost its luster and relevance to Atlanta shoppers. I doubt they will be around much longer.

VINCE (Buckhead / Phipps Plaza) A day does not go by that I can't locate multiple VINCE items for women, and at times, men, at deeply discounted prices at the likes of Marshall's and T.J. Maxx. Those who know the brand can easily find it cheaper elsewhere and those unfamiliar with the line are turned off by the simple clothing with a relatively high retail price. I'd say all the Vs of Phipps (Valentino. Versace and VINCE) all close around the same time and all by next spring.

Know something I missed or think I'm way off? Leave me a comment and share your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I understand that the Deathwatch is mostly a copy and paste job from the quarter before, but it might be a good idea to read and update it. For example, the Microsoft store is open and the LA Fitness is open near Slacks.

Any additional reasons behind the Buckhead Life addition?

Anonymous said...

Have to disagree with you about Which wich. I think their sandwiches are better than Subway, more filling than Subway, Panera, and Corner Bakery. And cheaper than Panera and Corner Bakery. I don't mean to be disrespectful to you, but you needed assistance to pick a protein then "x" off your options on the brown paper bag?

Atlantan99 said...

@ Anon 1,

You are right. The timing issues you mentioned have been adjusted.

As for the BLRG addition, I'm not at liberty to disclose any additional details at this time. What I will say is that it's likely Chops Lobster Bar, Buckhead Diner, Bistro Niko and the Atlanta Fish Market will all be ok and remain part of the group. Bluepointe is one of the most likely to see changes either in concept and or ownership.

Atlantan99 said...

@ Anon 2,

The set up and labeling was overly convoluted and was not easily understandable. I'm not sure if that is in fact what you are getting at but that was my experience at the Atlantic Station location.

Anonymous said...

I think you're missing the point of the Microsoft Store - it's to build their image and attempt to give Microsoft some of the same cachet that Apple has gleaned from its stores. I doubt Microsoft cares whether they sell a single computer; they just want to get people in their stores playing with things and then going to Best Buy or ordering from Amazon later on.

BTW, glad you saw the light on TFD but I still can't believe you ever had it on your list. Maybe you were just trolling for comments? That place continues to be packed every night.

Atlantan99 said...

@ Anon 3,

I see what you're saying with the Microsoft Store and even make the same point in the post. All I'm saying is that it's a huge waste of money and if SIMON gets someone else that will actually sell and not be a game zone for kids, they will give Microsoft the boot.

As for your issue with my TFD post, I stand by my belief that chef Eyester is little better than the soup Nazi and his time will come. The restaurant does well now and may do so for a while, but not long term if service or lack there of, remains the same.

Anonymous said...

I guess thus is a roundabout way of saying Yeah Burger is here to stay.

Also, as said above, MS store will likely stay simply as a showcase. Though all I ever see is Tweens playing x box.

scharfattack said...


Cameron said...

I eagerly await the DeathWatch and it's easily my favorite regular post. I think you tend to be spot on for the most part, but I wonder if there shouldn't be a "survivor rule" for establishments that make it for 12+ months on your DeathWatch?

I mean, don't they deserve a trophy (or at least a silly icon) for being on the list for over a year and still kickin?

G.G. said...

I'd like to agree with Cameron, in part because I'm hoping you are wrong about the Real Chow Baby on Ponce, but also because I think that it's the right thing to do.

Kenny Disraili-Jean said...

I agree that Microsoft is for "Show Case" purposes only.
Interesting that Lenox Square is slowly moving away from just the "Luxury Wing", and out onto the main mall with Bulgari, Fendi, Michael Kors, Faconnable, Henri Bendel and possibly others. However I also agree that the Microsoft space could have been the new home for the likes of Dior, Emilio Pucci, Thomas Pink, Chanel, or possibly some other luxury retailers. And do not even get me started on Legoland. It reminds me of when CNN Center was the Omni International and the indoor amusement park, The World of Sid and Marty Kroft lasted 6 months.

TheJohnP said...

I agree with the first Anon post. This basically reads almost exactly like the last Deathwatch, with obvious exclusion of Yeah Burger.

I see how you suspect (and have predicted) business failings. But would it be too much to ask to update your reasons why. Especially if they've made it through another quarter unscathed?

I've noticed how few regular posts are being added recently, which is your prerogative and conditional to your schedule. But kind of disappointing to reread a lot of the same copy when an infrequent post is finally put up.

Anonymous said...

Not to pile on, but the Decatur Diner has been open and serving for months now following their never ending buildout. Your entry for them is clearly from the last edition of DW. With that being said the bad food reviews and that 55 health score from a few months back certainly can't help.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to see you think Deckard's should be on the list. The Atlanta beer community has shown great support of this place, IMO, and so too has Taco Mac/Tappan St. The location itself isn't ideal, but the fact that the restaurant is on the second level shouldn't have anything to do with it; you enter in on the first floor like any other restaurants, and the patio is on street level out the back, and is great.

Lee at said...

You once had Von Maur on your list, the new store coming to North Point Mall in Alpharetta. I don't see it now. Have you changed your mind on their chances?

I was at the mall yesterday and it looks like they are on schedule for an opening later this year.

Carl said...

I've never understood Erbert & Gerbert's (sorry, I just don't get it...seems like a me-too concept that's too lame to even have prices on their menu and certainly has no mobile site or app for ordering on the go). Nevertheless, in a tired and hungry moment while moving last week, I decided to go try them out since they were on Groupon Now. The deal had to be used by 9, which was easy enough, except after driving all the way there, it seems they were closed well before 9. When? Well, who knows? Apparently they close whenever they want now, because they've removed the closing hours from the door. It just says they close at ___ PM. Yeaaaaah.

Anonymous said...

LoveSac has a lease until 2014. But they have had 4 mangers in 2 years and fired everybody within the first 2 years. LoveSac is a definite death watch...not just in this mall but in malls all over. They constantly work at a loss and fail to make their weekly sales goals.

Microsoft is working as a loss leader, they pay a premium for many things in Lenox like a Kinect demo in the food court and in the walking area in front of the store in what would normally be kiosk space.

MGB said...

I'd like to comment that Rise Sushi Lounge has been on the deathwatch since opening; never paid their consultant- I know, since it's me, and the fact that it's made it this long is because the revenues from the Hot Sauce restaurant system are what the owners make a living from.

Anonymous said...

Q2 just copied and pasted in some areas. I'm usually a fan and respect a lot of this info but have these predictions are weak. This blog has run it's coarse in alot of ways. To much mis information lately.

Alex B. said...

Just went to Peter Chang's for dinner. What a sad sight. We sat at the empty bar, and were maybe one of 5 people in the ginormous restaurant. It was a restaurant on life support - but the food was as tasty as ever. They had a sign saying that their Scoutmob deal was only valid from 3pm to 5pm. I'd have tried to dispute it, but I felt so bad that I ended up just paying for the (overpriced) meal. This is a great example that its about more than just the food, and bigger doesn't mean better. Tasty China serves up nearly identical food in a crappier and more remote setting and do phenomenal business.

Anonymous said...

Lenox Cupcakes is dead, the store always looked like crap and had a even worse location near Belk. It has already been replaced.

Anonymous said...

What about DBA BBQ (AKA DBA Sports Bar)? Never good news when you have a rename your establishment / re-brand your concept (BBQ to Sports Bar). For the record, I don't blame them - they're BBQ was / is awful. They also made the brilliant decision to dub themselves the official University of Florida bar in the neighborhood. This might have been a good decision for the 2% of the neighborhood that has loyalty to UF, but an awful decision for anyone else that went to school in the southeast and despises the Florida Gators (UGA, FSU, Tennessee, etc., etc.). Lastly, the location is cursed. How many restaurants have circulated through that space in the past ten years?

Anonymous said...

i completely agree with deckards' american tavern... i have not been there in a year and they have changed their menu so much that it is no longer the upscale "taco mac" type place they were going for... the beer is also grossly overpriced... why would you go there to get a beer you could get a the hob nob for $2 less? plus the hob nob's food has continued to be consistant compared to the hit or miss menu and now the ever lowering standards menu of deckards... it is sad given the promise it had...

Anonymous said...

Additions for next quarter: Peter Chang's and Zhaddy's Cafe.

Anonymous said...

I would like nothing more than to see (three) sheets close. I attempted to host a networking event there forthe LGBT crowd, and was completely shunned. My group has an average attendance of 50 people and an average income of over $75,000.00. They deserve to fail.

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