Monday, August 15, 2011

Two Down, One to Go for the Dolce Group at Atlantic Station

After being the first to announce the closing of Geisha House earlier this year, it's with zero shock that I tell you Dolce Enoteca, its sister restaurant, and flagship of the LA-based Dolce Group is now closed as well. Perhaps this is all part of the master plan by Mark Toro and North American Properties, perhaps Dolce was, as I said, poorly placed at Atlantic Station, whatever the reason, the space will not stay empty long. As I mentioned as a possibility in an earlier post, Regal Cinemas will expand into the Dolce space adding an IMAX theater. For now Ten Pin Alley will remain open, but it's likely they will close by the end of the month and their space too, could be utilized by Regal for additional theaters / seating.

Does this closure and theater expansion make you more of less likely to visit Atlantic Station?


kate moss said...

Very interesting Mr. Zandman!

Alex H said...

More and more it seems like Atlantic Station isn't so much an "Urban Live/Work/Play Community" as it is an outdoor suburban mall transplanted to the top of a Midtown parking deck.

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