Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chef Todd Richards Opening New Restaurant In March

Chef Todd Richards will take over the kitchen at The Shed as planned in early August, but as I predicted, his tenure will be short lived.  This March he (with partner Cindy Shera of The Shed) planto open "The Wildflower" on 13th Street behind the Four Seasons Hotel in a space that housed Vinocity prior to their relocation (and eventual closure) on Hosea Williams Drive in Kirkwood.

The restaurant space is definitely in a good area given that it's in midtown and close to many hotels like the Four Seasons and Loews, but its exact location is a little more troublesome.  The building is two-levels with limited seating on each, but a cozy amount overall.  Additionally, the restaurant is located on a one way street with limited parking and as I recall, only a gravel lot most easily accessible to patrons.  Valet, of course, is likely, but also can be tricky given the one-way street.

I don't know that a cuisine has been decided upon, but I'd expect something farm-to-table with a Southern influence.

What do you think of the planned location of Chef Richards' eatery?  Have you followed Chef Richards all over Atlanta and highly anticipating his new eatery, regardless of parking issues?  What type of restaurant would you like to see opened in midtown? 

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