Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nava Closing Sooner Than Expected

Buckhead Life's Nava restaurant is scheduled to close Friday, August 10th, a full three weeks before the expiration of the restaurant's lease.  Unlike Pano's & Paul's closure, which was delayedand extended multiple times, Nava looks to be making a far faster closure.  I dined at the restaurant recently and was informed that the restaurant was scheduled to close on the 10th, and verified this by way of  OpenTable has availability for every day between now and the 10th, but not the 11th, nor any day following.

Additionally, I've been told there are no immediate plans to relocate the restaurant and that the Nava restaurant located in Philips Arena and operated in partnership with Chicago-based Levy Restaurants will remain open for the foreseeable future.  Though some items will live on at Nava at Philips, I'm told there are no immediate plans to make the famous blue corn cornbread available at Buckhead Life's Buckhead Bread Company, although I personally hope they reconsider this. 

Will you make it in to Nava one last time before it closes?  What will you miss most about Nava?  What are your thoughts on the new Ford Fry concept coming next year to the Nava space? 

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