Thursday, September 13, 2012

Slice Westside Clarification

A couple weeks ago I reported that Slice would "return" to the westside but wanted to clarify that in fact the Slice that recently opened ( replacing Westside Pie ) is different from a prior incarnation on Howell Mill.  Karen Smiley, owner of the Poplar Street Slice explains...

"In 2004, Karen Smiley opened a Slice on Peters Street in Castleberry Hill which has since closed. A few years later in 2007, Smiley opened a new Slice location downtown on Poplar Street.  Slice Westside, located on Huff Road in midtown, now joins the Slice family.

An independent operator, Slice Pizza Corporation, opened two Slice Pizza locations at Howell Mill and Glenwood Park with the same offering, colors, and look.  Smiley filed a lawsuit against the Slice Pizza Corporation to remove the Slice name and brand completely. Since taking these issues to court, Slice Pizza has closed both locations."

I do my best to constantly be both fast and accurate with my postings and in this case I was not and for that I apologize.  

Thank you for your continued comments and loyal readership.

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