Monday, November 19, 2012

Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint Coming to Northlake

Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint is coming to Northlake.

Atlanta-based Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint plans to open sometime early next year at Northlake Festival.  Uncle Maddio's at Northlake will be located in a portion of what was once The Sport Shoe, and was most recently a CLEAR Wireless Internet location.   The Northlake franchisee reportedly plans to open "in January" but I'd wager they won't open until closer to March.

The fast casual pizza joint will not be alone in the Northlake area. Pizza Hut closed their dine-in full service restaurant in Briarcliff Village last year, and then relocated to an inline take out / deliver location not far away.  Another Atlanta-based pizza concept, Stevi B's, a pizza buffet similar to CiCi's Pizza, also has a location in Briarcliff Village.

Uncle Maddio's was started by former Moe's Southwest Grill co-founder Matt Andrew and Tony Lewis, an original Moe's franchisee.  The first Uncle Maddio's opened in 2009 at Toco Hills shopping center.  The space had weeks prior been home to Mama Fu's Asian House, a Lewis-franchised, then Raving Brands owned, concept. 

Uncle Maddio's has been called the Moe's of pizza and is surely hoping to replicate the burrito joint's success.  Today Moe's is owned by Atlanta-based FOCUS Brands and has over 400 locations across the country.

Uncle Maddio's has been on a growth spurt of late, announcing new territory developments and additional locations earlier this year.  Late last year, new locations opened in Woodstock and in suburban Kentucky.  Since January, new Atlanta locations have opened in Akers Mill near Cumberland Mall, north Buckhead near Chastain Park, Kennesaw,  and Alpharetta.   Towards the end of the year, another location is slated to open in Dunwoody, along with Another Broken Egg Cafe. I was first to report a new location was also in the works for the Edgewood Retail District, but apparently its opening has been pushed from early 2013 to April or May.

Uncle Maddio's also lists locations coming soon to Savannah, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Knoxville, Tallahassee and Columbia.

Northlake as a whole, has seen plenty of development over the past couple of years.  A new freestanding Chick-fil-A replaced an abandoned Taco Bell, and a free standing Chipotle Mexican Grill replaced the aforementioned Pizza Hut (in Briarcliff Village)  Additionally, Panda Express opened a new free standing restaurant along LaVista Road in front of Michael's, and Fork in The Road opened in Northlake Mall in the former Ruby Tuesday/Crescent Moon space.

An abandoned Fuddruckers restaurant is finally showing signs of change as its currently undergoing renovation that will turn it into Resurgens Bank.   

The one recent misstep in the Northlake area was that of soon-to-be Atlanta-based Krystal which opened their "Krystal Too" concept in Northlake Square shopping center this past March.  The restaurant closed in September.

As a lifelong resident of this community and past student of nearby Lakeside High, its great to see an area I frequented so much as a child show signs of progress in a difficult economy.     

Are you excited about the upcoming Uncle Maddio's opening?  Have you been to Your Pie or any of the other similar concepts?  What is your favorite non gourmet pizza in Atlanta?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. 


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Moe's, how long do you think the Northlake location has before it shuts down? They have to be having trouble with the new Chipotle and the reduced visibility from Panda Express.

Atlantan99 said...


Moe's days are numbered. That location has never done well and is surely hurting from the Chipotle opening and as you mention, decreased visibility from Panda.

Thanks for the comment and for reading the site.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of them coming in there, but parking is a mess already and is only going to get worse if there is an actual popular store in that location.

Anyway hope it works out.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of them coming in there, but parking is a mess already and is only going to get worse if there is an actual popular store in that location.

Anyway hope it works out.

Anonymous said...

I go to the Moe's location in Tucker far less because of the Chipotle near Northlake. I can't imagine how the Moe's in Northlake has survived this long...

nanainatl said...

Maddios at Toco Hills is a favorite of mine because of the gluten free crust choice & vegan cheese option. The Northlake location is around the corner from me & I can't wait for it to open. Parking will be a problem but take out is always an option.

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