Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Another Broken Egg Cafe Coming to Dunwoody

Destin, Florida-based Another Broken Egg Cafe will soon open their second area location, this one in Dunwoody at Perimeter Village.  The new restaurant will take the corner spot created at thecenter following the closure of longtime tenant Borders Books & Music.  Atlanta-based Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint is also opening in an adjacent space.  Another space adjacent to it remains available, while a fourth space converted from Borders was opened as Party City earlier this year.

Another Broken Egg Cafe already has one area location, in Buckhead at Peachtree Battle, and has plans for more.  The breakfast joint is not alone in its plans to grow its presence in metro Atlanta. Lincolnshire, Illinois-based Egg Harbor Cafe opened their first location early last year in Johns Creek, followed earlier this year with a second on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs

Another Broken Egg will enter a largely underseved area of Dunwoody where there are few breakfast options other than from the likes of Chick-fil-A or the new Wendy's at Perimeter Pointe (yes, this Wendy's does serve breakfast)  Strangely though, this location is being opened by a different franchise group than the Peachtree Battle location.  Also, though the area itself provides few options, the location has little visibility from the street. 

Egg Harbor Cafe's Roswell Road location and nearby Flying Biscuit Cafe are both located on streetside endcap locations with great visibility to drivers on Roswell Road (north or south).  Over in CityWalk, Atlanta-based J. Christopher's has in my opinion and even worse location that where Another Broken Egg will soon open, so perhaps the location is less of an issue.  In the case of both J. Christopher's and the upcoming Another Broken Egg, plentiful upfront parking in large surface lots may play a part in each eateries success.

Industry experts point out that Houston's decision to close its location within Perimeter Village may be predicated on that fact that they felt the center has declined in relevance and stature.  Also, experts suggest that the chain may have no longer wished to be a part of a Walmart-anchored center.  Houston's has since reopened as J. Alexander's, its closest competitor. 

Do you think the Periemter Village Shopping Center has seen better days and is now "low-end?"  Do you frequent Another Broken Egg in Destin and are looking forward to their opening?  What do you think should take the last remainer of the former Borders? 

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Anonymous said...

There is actually a J. Christopher very near this location on Chamblee Dunwoody near Mt. Vernon. I don't think another breakfast or chain restaurant is what the Duwoody/Perimeter Mall area needs. Some unique, high quality restaurants would be wonderful, though.

SB said...

The Jasons Deli there is packed and of course Walmart always is. Not sure how Firebirds or the asian place do. Ditto for Olive Garden and J Alexander. I guess all I can say is Jasons Deli is always slammed as is the post office.

The center is a rarity in that Walmart leases their store from Weingarten. They own most their stores these days.

SB said...

Re: Some unique, high quality restaurants would be wonderful, though.

Of course that'd be great but we're talking about the suburbs by a huge regional mall. I work up here and there's already a ton of options. We're not going to get Ford Fry to open a new concept on Ashford Dunwoody Rd. Realistically this is our best bet rather than another national chain.... at least this one is new to Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

I'm not talking about expensive, or even necessarily cutting edge cuisine. But something that's not part of a chain would be nice. For example, I would love to see a good Chinese or Thai restaurant open up in the Dunwoody//Perimeter Mall area. Right now it's pretty much overpriced generic P.F. Chang's ( incidentally, always packed right down the street from the Wal-Mary Shopping Center) or nothing. C'om is great for Vietnamese but it is one of the very few non-chain options in the area.

Billy said...

I think it's great that a good breakfast place is going in at Perimeter Village. I live nearby and always end up at J. Christophers or the Old Hickory House at Dunwoody Village (good breakfast, awful lunch/ dinner)on that side of town because there are no other options in that area. If I'm wrong about the options, please tell me where to go...I'm always looking for new breakfast spots in the area. No one can predict its's always been strange to see what places are successful in Perimeter Village. In all fairness, that Borders over there was the worst bookstore in America...the location really had nothing to do with how bad it sucked.

Anonymous said...

ABEC is only slightly better than Waffle House and 3X more expensive. The "Look-At-Me" crowd will love it.

Lee at said...

They are also planning a location in Alpharetta on Old Milton Parkway.

Anonymous said...

Dunwoody / Perimeter needs a true diner. Or someone open 24 hours. Dunwoody is bringing more of a younger crowd quickly. I genuinely think that a breakfast place that stays open 24 hours would do very well in Dunwoody if the prices are right.