Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SuitSupply and bevello Coming to Buckhead

SuitSupply's Fall / Winter ad campaign 
Amsterdam-based SuitSupply and Raleigh, North Carolina-based bevello are both entering the Atlanta market with a stores at the Shops Around Lenox in Buckhead. 

Bevello will open in the last remaining portion of the former CompUSA, sandwiched between Crate & Barrel and DEKA, a popular women's clothing and footwear boutique.  SuitSupply will open in a number of vacant spaces including the former Hashiguchi Jr. and former Gill's Alterations.  (Hashiguchi Jr. closed earlier this year, while Gill's relocated to a space adjacent to Sprint within the center.)

Bevello opened its first store in Raleigh's Cameron Village in 2009, and has since expanded to 17 locations across four states.  Bevello most recently entered the Alabama market with a location in Tuscaloosa's Midtown Village, and plans to further expand into Alabama as well as enter the South Carolina and Maryland/D.C. markets soon. 

SuitSupply began in Amsterdam in 2010, and has a growing roster of international locations with more on the way.  Currently SuitSupply can be found in Brussels, Dusseldorf  and Milan, with locations coming soon to Toronto and Shanghai as well as Philadelphia. 

Bevello, like most of its Shops Around Lenox neighbors, caters to female shoppers with a curated collection of clothing, accessories and gifts.  Jonathan Adler, who last year opened a boutique at Westside Urban Market on Howell Mill, will be one of a handful of designers whose furnishings and gifts will be available in bevello.  Dylan Lauren, daughter of famed designer Ralph Lauren and founder of Dylan's Candy Bar, will also see her candy and gifts featured in the Buckhead boutique.  Clothing and accessories from Marc Jacobs, Husdon, Lucy, True Religion and Vince Camuto will also be among the offerings of the boutique.

The Atlanta bevello store is being billed as a "flagship" boutique, and is slated to open in late February.

SuitSupply, with U.S. headquarters in New York's SoHo neighborhood, will bring their vertically integrated and economically priced menswear to the GQ-set of Atlantans next Spring.  SuitSupply's vertically integrated manufacturing is similar to that of Spanish retailer Zara.  Both retailers do all design and manufacturing in-house and are thereby able to offer a more economical price to the consumer.  I browsed the retailer's online store, and found many wool suits to be priced at $469, a few closer to $600 and at least one for $399.  The one exception was a cashmere/wool blend suit at $999. 

The retailer is clearly known for their suits, but the store will also carry assorted knitwear, bags, ties, accessories and other essential items for any fashionable man. 

Atlanta is lucky to be getting a SuitSupply, as in addition to their SoHo boutique and upcoming Philly store, their only other U.S. locations are Chicago and Washington, D.C. 

The photo above was shot in New York in support of the chains Fall / Winter 2013 collection.  Previous campaigns, most notably the "Shameless" campaign have been far more risque.  

The Shops Around Lenox has changed its image and tenant mix quite a bit over the past eighteen months or so.  Not long ago, the center sported an outdated look that played host to vacant spaces from the likes of CompUSA, Tower Records, Y-3 and Blue Genes, among others.  Now, Crate & Barrel left Lenox Square to open in the former Tower Records while a number of smaller stores like lululemon athletica, DEKA and Paper Source occupy the former CompUSA.  Bhojanic has been delayed by permitting and normal City of Atlanta BS, but now claims to be on track to open late in the first quarter of next year in the former Y-3 space.  Last week, Seven Lamps opened in the former Blue Genes, and gives the center a nicer, yet still casual dining option to complement the currently renovating Dantanna's.  

What are your thoughts on these latest additions to the Shops Around Lenox?  Have you been to Seven Lamps?  Do you think parking will (continue) to be an issue once these new shops open?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. 


Anonymous said...

The previous owner of that center was a hot mess.

New owners have done a good job investing in the center and obviously have attracted some good shops.

I have heard a rumor that the Crate store is under-performing it's previous Lenox location. But ... that could just be Simon propaganda. They were pretty stung by that loss and subsequent failure to lure Apple to that space.

The completion of the Peactree Rd. "improvements" should help everyone in and around Lenox. It was a long 5-6 year haul of awful traffic and construction issues that no doubt impacted shoppers negatively.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be surprising that Crate & Barrel has underperformed compared to its previous location as it doesn't get the foot traffic Lenox had and it doesn't have visibility from Peachtree. It's still a destination store and should do well.

The renovations and re-tenanting of the center have been great.

Anonymous said...

The Crate & Barrel wasn't performing all that well at Lenox either, with sales dropping each year. At least they are saving money by being in a smaller space at SAL.

Anonymous said...

I stopped shopping at C&B when they trended away from their kitchen stuff and got into furniture.

Perhaps that's a higher margin category for them and less competitive with other kitchen wares retailers but their furniture is overpriced and not my style of furniture.

They do have a very good registry program (we used them for our wedding) and I'm sure their online business is strong.

It's a good anchor tenant for SAL. SAL is much improved under the new owners.

Anonymous said...

I think the new owners have done a fabulous job with the shopping center. Other owners and developers should pay attention to the attention to detail and thoughtful merchandising mix.

gw2 gold said...

I like this ads so much ~~~ the hero likes a god,you know?

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt C&B would have invested that much money into buildout of the new store at SAL if they hadn't been doing well in Buckhead.

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