Friday, February 1, 2013

Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint Coming to Ansley Mall

Yesterday, I announced that Boardwalk Burgers & Fries had closed at Ansley Mall, today I have confirmed that Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint will open in their place.

Atlanta-based Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint plans to open later this spring at the popular intown shopping center.  I remember going to the center as a child and going to The Toy Store, an awesome independent toy shop, in addition to Chapter 11 Books, back when people shopped at book stores. (Oxford Books anyone?)  The center also once had an A&P (where Publix is today) and long ago, a hugely popular bagel joint called The Royal Bagel.

Over the past couple years, the center has been renovated significantly, and has seen the addition of many new tenants, among them Pet Supermarket, and restaurants like Panera Bread and most recently, Bantam & Biddy.  While I was not a fan of Boardwalk's burgers, their fries were quite good.  A restaurant can't survive simply on good fries.  Uncle Maddio's does deliver a more comprehensive menu, but is basically the Subway of pizza, so don't go getting too excited.  The restaurant does offer gluten free crust options which is a major plus for some, while at the same time, they also offer plenty of customization to more traditional pizzas.    

Uncle Maddio's was started by former Moe's Southwest Grill co-founder Matt Andrew and Tony Lewis, an original Moe's franchisee.  The first Uncle Maddio's opened in 2009 at Toco Hills shopping center.  The space had weeks previously been home to Mama Fu's Asian House, a Lewis-franchised, then Raving Brands owned, concept. 

Uncle Maddio's has been called the Moe's of pizza, and is surely hoping to replicate the burrito joint's success.  Today Moe's is owned by Atlanta-based FOCUS Brands and has over 400 locations across the country, with additional restaurants in the works overseas.  

Uncle Maddio's has been on a growth spurt of late, announcing new territory developments and additional locations earlier last year.  In 2011, new locations opened in Woodstock and in suburban Kentucky.  Since January of last year, new Atlanta locations have opened in Akers Mill near Cumberland Mall, north Buckhead near Chastain Park, Kennesaw,  and Alpharetta.  A new location will open in a few weeks  in Dunwoodyalong with Another Broken Egg Cafe. Other  new locations will open at Northlake Festival and at the Edgewood Retail District in March or April. Two additional locations are planned for Buford Drive near the Mall of Georgia, and in East Cobb later this year.

Are you excited for Uncle Maddio's?  Are you sad for the "loss" of Boardwalk?  What is your oldest memory of Ansley Mall?  Please share your thoughts below.  


AJ said...

Not the best pizza, but with a boyfriend who has Celiac's and is thus Gluten Free, it is a great option. They are great about cross contamination - changing gloves and having a separate sauce as the spoon touches the dough.

Anonymous said...

Seems like they are expanding much too quickly, just like the froyo and cupcake crazes. There already is an Uncle Maddio's on Roswell Road in Buckhead. Ansley Mall is just way too close to that one to warrent opening up another one there. Traffic is such a cluster**** at Piedmont and Monroe that I avoid that intersection like the plague. It'll take much more than an Uncle Maddio's to get me to go to Ansley.

TheJohnP said...

Been a couple of times and thought it was tasty. But not tasty enough to actively seek it out. Kind of like how's Moe's is to me now.

Anonymous said...

Ansley Mall & North Buckhead are not too close!

Anonymous said...

Ansley Mall is such a unique opportunity
Too bad that once again. Landlord ruins it with chains
Moes, Maddios, Panerra. Bring a local fresh bread business. Highland Bakery or a good Jewish deli

Savage Pizza or Fellenis. Not another stark raving
brands fake food concept. They ruined flying biscuit and
Moes was never a place I would step foot in. Gross step
above Macdonalds. Processed food

Anonymous said...

Recently had lunch at an Uncle Maddio's the other day with some coworkers. Great experience, amazing service and mind blowing topping selection!!! I got the Steak & Blue on gluten free crust which was really good. Can't wait for the new Ansley Mall location to open. I will definitely be a regular.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment... Uncle Maddio's is awesome and a great fit for Ansley! We need a pizza place in the area and this will be a great option since it's healthy and fresh. I ate at the Buckhead location and was so happy they had vegan options which not many places do!

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