Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't be Crushed : Would-be tomtom Reboot Now Known as Smash

Here to Serve Restaurants will open in the former Stir Crazy at TOWN Brookhaven, but it won't be a tomtom reboot as originally planned.

A new restaurant, Smash Kitchen & Bar will be an  eatery serving typical American fare in a casual environment.  I'm told Tom is planning to emulate Houston's restaurant in his new Brookhaven venture.  Houston's, a concept from Beverly Hills-based Hillstone Restaurant group, has two locations in Atlanta under the Houston's flag and a third recently rebranded as Hillstone.  All three restaurants are in Buckhead and each rings up sales in excess of $5 million annually, making them some of the most successful in the city.

Clearly Tom is looking to find similar success with his planned eatery. 

Stir Crazy, the restaurant that Smash is replacing, was primarily a stir fry concept, and as such, it did not have a full kitchen.  Plans call for a full kitchen to be added with the hope that the new restaurant will be open in early June.  Additional items on the menu will be pizza and burgers.  Surely, their pizza will be better than some of the center's current offerings, but one has to question the feasibility of adding another option for pizza.  Current pizza offerings in the center include Newk's, Treza ...and Costco.

Smash is joining a long list of restaurants in the center, and will be the first to open as the second generation within the relatively new center.

TOWN Brookhaven is also home to Here to Serve's Noche concept, which by most accounts is one of the best, if not the best, performing eatery in the project.

Are you excited for this new Brookhaven addition?  Do you miss Stir Crazy?  What is your favorite TOWN Brookhaven eatery?


Amy said...

Houstons does between 7-8 million all of their locations...much more then 5 million. If he has a decent chef, that might make the food remotely good :)

Anonymous said...

Why name it SMASH? Trying to create confusion with Smash Burger?

TOMS Kitchen and Bar would be a better name - distinctive but not confusing.

Regarding emulating Houston's, let us hope Tom can pull it off. TB needs a place with consistent good quality food, served by consistent good quality staff. So far, no one has offered that in TB.

I think he is wasting time trying pizza. Even if he can turn out a good pie at a price people are willing to pay, he is not going to want to tie up many tables for 1+ hours with 4-6 people sharing a pizza and pitcher.

I say loose the pizza (or maybe offer it on kids menu) and concentrate on doing whatever it takes to deliver high quality consistent experiences in TB. Welcome to TB and good luck!

Anonymous said...

How is this different than THERE or Olde Blind Dog?

Anonymous said...

Cinebistro is the only place worth eating at in Town Brookhaven.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Treza's pizza. Don't love the name Smash but am excited to have a concept similar to Houston's close by. If they have a menu like BrickTops (which seems to be Houston's inspired) then I think they will do well so long as the service is good and they offer a good brunch. The brunch options in TB are seriously lacking. I agree that they shouldn't bother with pizza. There are enough pizza options in Brookhaven already.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the pizzas at Newks in TB. I think they could survive on that alone, but I think their bread and butter are salads.

That said, I look forward to Smash. Here to Serve guys obviously know what they're doing with the success of their other concepts. I'm sure it will be a little more high-end than Newks or Treza. Do we know if it's going to be full-service versus counter-serve? Would imagine so.

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