Tuesday, March 12, 2013

INC out, Opulent In

F&H Food Trading Group will introduce a new restaurant to downtown Roswell next month.

Opulent will open in place of INC Street Food, another F&H concept.  (Sources say that INC will re-open elsewhere but I have been unsuccessful in confirming when and where this will happen.)

F&H is the result of the partnership of entrepreneurs Fikret Kovac & Hicham Azhari.  The duo opened their first restaurant Little Alley Tapas & Restaurant off Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell in 2006, but it closed a couple of years later. Determined to succeed, the duo later opened INC Street Food and Salt Factory Pub.  Both concepts took off, and a third concept, Little Alley Steak, was added to the roster and opened early last year across the street from INC and Salt on Canton Street in downtown Roswell.  

Whereas INC was a Latin themed eatery, Opulent will offer "global-inspired" cuisine featuring "classic favorites with a modern twist"

Those who had the opportunity to visit INC will recall the colorful graffiti and artwork that greeted guests and enlivened the dining room.  The interior will be very different for Opulent.  

From the press release :

"The beautiful and meticulous interior design, inspired by the sophistication of the Roaring Twenties and speakeasy style, presents globe lighting and walls lined with antique mirrors and crystal accents. Dark brown woods and leather banquettes contrast diamond-shaped white tiles beneath beautifully suspended light pendants hung above the bar and dining areas." 

Additionally, entrees will include...

"West Coast cioppino with shrimp, scallops, clams, market fish, lobster broth and a butter biscuit, Carolina flounder served with a Parmesan crust, Rapini, herb potatoes and burnt lemon, brick-pressed braised beef with cheddar Logan Pike grits and crimini mushrooms.  Masami American Kobe bistro flat iron steak and a burger with Gruyere cheese, roasted Shiitake and frites."

Culinary director Bob McDonough and executive chef Andrew Long will take the helm at Opulent.  McDonough also oversees the culinary teams at existing F&H concepts in Roswell as well as at their forthcoming Salt Factory in Alpharetta, slated to opened later this month.

Look for Opulent to open in late April.

Thoughts? Gripes? Comments?


Anonymous said...

Yes, thoughts, gripes, comments, and devastation! I love INC! Our INC waiter once told us INC owners were looking to open a (second) INC location in Decatur, but with all the Latin and Mexican eateries slated to open or already established in Decatur, I doubt this will happen. Do you really think they would demo the current INC interior only to reopen it somewhere else? Or should I kiss my INC margaritas goodbye?

Anonymous said...

Devastation is right! Coming from Texas, my wife and I had desperately been looking for a good margarita, and we finally found it at INC. The delicious food was a nice bonus! PLEASE stay on this story and let us know if there are plans to reopen INC someplace. And thanks for breaking this news early enough for me to squeeze in a (hopefully not last) visit there!

AJ said...

Opulent. Horrible name. Up there with Modern in Buckhead and the soon to open The Cosmopolitan on Delk. As for INC, I assume it's done for. Why close a successful restaurant!

Billy said...

Very surprised about INC. It's always been popular and busy...so strange. My Roswell friends are super bummed.

Anonymous said...

I'm SOOOOO bummed about this. The best margaritas around. I will miss them terribly and I really don't understand why they would close down such a popular place. Doesn't make much business sense to me.

Anonymous said...

I heard they wanted a higher cover per person given the great Roswell Canton Street location. The entrees at the new place will be around $18, where the entrees on average at INC were $10-15. I was outraged when I heard the news as this was my husband's and my favorite restaurant. We made a point to take every out of town guest there too. It is beyond me why they didn't just move INC to another location if it was SO important to have this new place open up in the Roswell Canton Street location. These owners should wake up and realize that not everyone can afford $18+ entrees and you need to have a couple affordable options mixed in.

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