Thursday, April 11, 2013

BREAKING NEWS! F2o 2 Go Downtown

Atlanta-based F2o (Fresh to Order) is finally opening their long rumored location at CNN Center downtown.

The "fast fine" restaurant will open in place of a former Waldenbooks, and subsequently a generic bookstore in the food court of CNN Center.  This will mark the growing chain's eighth location in Atlanta, and 9th overall, including their lone out of state location in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The chain that I often describe as "a step above Panera Bread" has significant growth plans.  Through franchising, the company hopes to have 50 locations open by 2015, with another 50 in various stages of development.

Earlier this year, Nation's Restaurant News named F2o one of their "50 Breakout Brands for 2013"

I'm keeping up hope that when the chain opens its 10th location, they will make the "grown up decision" to remove Brookwood Grill from their website.  I realize the same ownership is behind both the growing chain and the single restaurant, but it just looks bad.  

With the recent opening of their Hartsfield-Jackson location, the chain is clearly trying to adapt to more restrictive spaces.  The Moe's Southwest Grill in CNN Center was one of the chain's first food court type locations, and it proven to be a viable alternative prototype for the brand.  F2o has a much larger concept in terms of offerings but is perhaps testing a new, scaled down version of their restaurant.  Given the availability of shared seating within the large atrium, not having their own seating should be less of a concern.

Strangely, F2o's neighbor will be the soon to open Five Guys which is replacing Don Juan's Mexican Cantina.  Don Juan's was a full service restaurant with their own seating and even a small patio on Centennial Olympic Park Drive.  The former bookstore space would seem to be a better fit for Five Guys while the Don Juan's space would seem to fit better with the F2o concept.

I first broke news of Five Guys planned CNN Center opening this past October, while only within the past few days was "coming soon" signage for F2o posted.  A source tells me that the Five Guys should be opening in "a few weeks," while according to the F2o website, its restaurant will open "late summer 2013."


Anonymous said...

When I think of F20, I think of sandwiches and salads. CNN Center already has a sandwich place and a salad place, neither of which have as much traffic as most of the other restaurants there. So I don't see how F20 fits. And seeing how the overpriced salad place in CNN Center has less business than other, lower-priced spots there, I wonder how F2O will do there if they continue their historically high prices. I think a better choice for that space (or any future one) would have been Popeye's.

Anonymous said...

CNN food court mostly has awful chains. The only reason I would go there would be for Chick Fil A. Five Guys and Fresh 2 Order will be welcome additions to a generic scene.

Atlantan99 said...


I'M WITH YOU 1000%

Anonymous said...

I am a frequent patron of that Moe's location, and just wanted to say that the team in there is a smooth (and friendly) operation. They chug through big lines of customers during the lunch rush with minimum delay.

But the MASTERS are the folks behind the counter at Chik-fil-A. They are incredible to watch. If you are in a hurry and know exactly what you want, you can be outta there in literally less than a minute.

Contrast with the adjacent Wendy's, which is a study in inefficiency and horrible productivity. It must be the staffing. I feel sorry for tourists who line up at the Wendy's on busy days. Forget it, go someplace else.

Anonymous said...

Any updates on the 5 guys at the CNN Center? I noticed they took down the sign that stated they were opening this summer, but it looks like not much work has been done to the Don Julio's space. Meanwhile F2o looks like it's ready to open soon.

Atlantan99 said...


According to a reader, Five Guys will no longer be opening in CNN. I'm unsure why they pulled out or who will replace them.

Thanks for reading.

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