Monday, April 1, 2013

Hell Has Frozen Over: New FroYo Replacing Failed FroYo

As if Atlanta did not enough FroYo shops already, one more is opening soon!

FroZyogo will soon open two locations, one in Roswell, and the other in Sandy Springs.  In Sandy Springs, FroZyogo will open at the Whole Foods anchored Hammond Exchange center in a temporarily closed failed Yoforia.  The FroZyogo in Roswell will open in the Super Target anchored East Village.  Though I have been to the center, I can't quite picture where exactly they will open, but I don't think they are replacing another yogurt shop.

According to the FroZyogo website, these will be the first two locations for the company that seems to be entering the FroYo fad on the tail end.  Over the past year or so, plenty of local shops have closed, in addition to locations of powerhouse brands like Menchie's and Red Mango.

Once a weekly consumer of FroYo, I myself have all but cut the sweet treat from my diet.  My replacement for frequent trips to Yogurtland has been the yogurt bar at Whole Foods Buckhead.  With assorted self-serve, natural Greek yogurts from AtlantaFresh Artisan Creamery and various toppings, the yogurt bar is a healthy and fresh alternative I'm happy to have so close.

What is your current snack of choice?  Is FroYo still your go-to, if so, which shop do you prefer?  Given concepts like cereal bars and artisan grilled cheese restaurants are popular elsewhere in the country, could either of these, or something even more inventive, make it in Atlanta?


Anonymous said...

Since both Menchie's and Rita's recently closed in the Centennial Center just down Holcomb Bridge road from the Target at East Village, I'm not very optimistic about their chances in this location.

Anonymous said...

We love FroZyogo!! They have the best frozen yogurt in town! My family and I have been there almost daily. We can not wait for their 2nd store to open on Holcomb Bridge in Roswell!!

Anonymous said...

Sadly the owner of the past frozen store had an illness, leaving the family to close their store, which had been very successful!

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