Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Still Not Open But Pizza Rock now Pizza Shack in Brookhaven

Prior to tossin' dough, Brookhaven pizzeria has changed names.

Upcoming pizzeria Pizza Rock in Brookhaven has changed names to Pizza Shack

Apparently Pizza Rock, a single unit Napoletana pizzeria in Sacramento, California, though clearly not in competition with our local restaurant, sent a cease and desist letter urging the name change. 

Interestingly though, a simple Facebook search shows there is already a pizzeria known as Pizza Shack in Opelousas, Alabama.  According to a recent post, the pizzeria just celebrated 25 years in business.  While restaurants in neither Opelousas, Alabama nor Sacramento, California should compete with Brookhaven, Georgia, Opelousas is clearly closer to "competing with" Brookhaven than Sacramento.

Pizza Shack will serve pizza by the slice as well as offer salads, beer and wine.  If all goes well, Pizza Shack should be open in about a month.  The restaurant is located  behind Savi Urban Market and across from The One Sushi which last year replaced Brookhaven's beloved Library Coffee shop.  Scott Servas has sought to open a new restaurant in an adjacent structure but it remains up in the air, pending zoning issues.

Pizza Rock started their facebook page nearly a year ago on June 13th 2012, with a founding date of June 1st.  June 14th they announced they would be "hiring soon," followed by the announcement on June 15th that they had hit 100 followers likes.  Today they have 230 likes, but up until a fan of the page asked about their new signage, their facebook had been silent since last June, their twitter since early July.

This week, however, Pam Russo asked "What happened?? No Pizza Rock in Brookhaven??" to which another fan replied "Sign says Pizza Shack now." Pizza Rock Brookhaven replied to both saying "We had to change the name :)"

Quite an odd scenario for so little to have been said or done, then suddenly a new name and a quick reply on the part of whomever is managing their social media.

A couple of other interesting posts were from Mallorie Bennett Fonseca who asked in September "Hey! Any news on your opening? We can't wait!!! I have some hungry pizza lovers!!" and was told "Late October is what we are shooting for.."

Shannon Case commented on the Pizza Rock facebook page in March saying "Sooo???? Are y'all going thru with this or not? If not I want your space... Badly."   This question got no reply.

Aside from Mellow Mushroom and treza, there are limited quality pizza options in the Brookhaven area, and really none that offer pizza by the slice.  The one exception to this is Costco, but not everyone would consider their cafe to be in the same comp set as standard restaurants.  

Does pizza by the slice sound like a winner in Brookhaven? What is your ideal price per slice for such a concept?  Who make the best overall pizza in Atlanta?  Please share your thoughts below. 


Anonymous said...

Will be nice to see a pizza by the slice that does it all day in Brookhaven. Corner Pizza does slices but only for lunch hours.

cafeej said...

Galla's is another Brookhaven pizza option but does not offer pizza by the slice.

Anonymous said...

Galla's on the Chamblee/Brookhaven line has a pretty good following in the area.

Atlantan99 said...

@Eric & Anon,

I thought of including Galla's but to me they are kinda Cham-Haven and as you mention, don't offer pie by the slice.

Thnaks for reading the site and for the comments!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me when Lime Fresh made Lime Taqueria in Smyrna change its name. Funny, one of those two is still around...

Dawgs said...

Gallas offers slices for lunch

Anonymous said...

Vintage Pizzeria, which is right down the road, has good pizza and a great atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

Don't really know about the name change debate being I'm not from the area but happened across "the shack" yesterday evening while they were just opening the doors. The pizza was off the chain ! When in town visiting again I'll be back !

Anonymous said...

We had lunch at Pizza Shack today. We'd never have known the place had finally opened if we hadn't spotted a forest of mylar balloons while we were driving down Dresden.

On the whole, it was a tasty pie. The crust was tasty but soggy - they need to work on that. However, the sauce and fresh toppings beat the pants off Vintage Pizza and Gallas. (Corner Pizza doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in an article about pizzerias.)

The inside of the building is dark and ugly, and not in any retro urban chic kind of way; chairs in the dining room are uncomfortable, too. But that shouldn't be a showstopper because they are working on an outdoor patio with more comfortable looking tables and seating. And it looks like the focus of the business may be the "beer and wine coming soon" according to a sign at the cash register. Fully half the dining room is taken up by a bar which is still not stocked or open.

Also, I think most of their food business will be take out (so they _really_ need to resolve that soggy crust issue fast!).

We'll be back to check on their progress.

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