Friday, August 23, 2013

Capozzi's Out, Villagio Italian Kitchen In

Villagio Italian Kitchen is the new name of Capozzi's in Decatur.

Capozzi's Decatur closed after dinner service on August 4th. Having announced plans back in April for the restaurant to be sold and eventually change names, those changes are now going into effect.

A similarly named eatery, Pizzeria Villagio Italian Kitchen, already exists in Palm Desert California, so another name change is not out of the question.

Villagio will feature Sicilian Italian fare, specializing in pastas and seafood. The restaurant is slated to open September 23rd.

Apparently new ownership found the kitchen to be "filthy" and started from scratch, deep cleaning all equipment and surfaces, thus the delay in reopening.

Are you looking forward to this opening?  Will you miss Capozzi's?  What is your favorite restaurant in the center? Please share your thoughts below.  

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