Monday, August 5, 2013

DeathWatch'd Retailer 7Camicie 86'd In Phipps Plaza

7Camicie has closed their Phipps Plaza location.

The Italian  menswear retailer opened last fall and never seemed to do especially well, nor did it really fit the market, and its closure comes as little surprise.  7Camicie is apparently popular in Europe (where the brand is based) and other countries, but according to its website, the brand no longer has a presence in the U.S.

Supposedly, the local operator plans to reopen the store as a kiosk within Lenox Square, but that is just a rumor, for now.

A Phipps Plaza source tells me the store closed about two weeks ago.  One day, in the early morning it was open, and about 30 minutes later, it was completely cleared out.

7Camicie follows in the footsteps of other terrible retail endeavors like Jedal, which closed in the space in which 7Camicie later opened, and Coposhi in Buckhead on Peachtree Road.  All three concepts were predicted to fail based on a number of factors, and in each case, the retailer is now closed.

Atlanta is a fickle market and to be successful, you've gotta supply what your market wants, at a reasonable and / or competitive price.  Hopefully in the future new businesses can learn from the mistakes of others like 7Camicie and find success in Atlanta.

What would you like to see open in place of 7Camicie?  With new stores open in Phipps like Mephisto, Trina Turk and Jack Rogers, what retailer are you most excited about?  Have the additions of Phipps Plaza Rugs (former Coldwater Creek - Nordstrom wing) , Claire's and Natural Beauty Spa Boutique cheapened the "luxury feel" of the posh Buckhead mall?  Please weigh in below and share your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Wait. Coldwater Creek is gone? Shame on me. I guess maybe the fact I didn't know that points to one of the reasons they are gone, huh. No customers.

Anonymous said...

I'm not excited about any of the stores at Phipps. It's amazing that stores keep moving there because very few succeed. I was surprised to see Claire's there but at least I can afford to buy something in that store. I see Phipps as a confusing mix of stores now. Still mostly high end, with a few middle of the road stores and then Legoland ???? I think they have definitely hurt their luxury image especially when they have tons of kids just waiting to get into Legoland.

Anonymous said...

Ditto...Phipps hurt its luxury image long ago, which is why 7Camicie didn't make it, in my opinion. Honestly, I never knew it was even THERE to begin with. I gave up on Phipps several years ago, when it became a bit too trendy and middle-end. And I'm so sorry to hear about it NOW, after it's gone. It certainly would have received my business.

Keep in mind that I am *not* wealthy, nor materialistic. And I rarely shop. But on the rare occasion that I do, when I need good quality, attractive clothing, I "invest", and I used to be able to do so easily at Phipps (and even Lenox when I was much, much younger). But now, there's hardly a need to go out in that mess - I can get the same it seems at Northpoint mall for the most part. :(

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