Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Fashion Café" Coming Soon to Lenox Square

Fashion Café is coming soon to Lenox Square.

I was alerted to this opening by a number of readers and after a little investigation, got an interesting answer.

No, Fashion Café, the infamous failed 90s restaurant that once counted Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer, and Christy Turlington as its backers is not being resurrected. Basically, fashion's answer to concepts like Planet Hollywood and The Official All Star Sports Cafe, Fashion Café was a colossal failure that never got past two locations, and saw its founders, brothers Tommaso and Francesco Buti, accused of money laundering, fraud, and conspiracy, among other things.

Though the signage (pictured) leads one to believe that the "Fashion Café" is in fact a restaurant, it is not. Instead, Fashion Café is the new name of the Lenox Square food court and coming outdoor patio area.

When reached for comment, the representative at the "guest information" counter within the mall was about as useful as a kindergartner describing actuarial science, but hey, as I've said before, it seems that a pulse is the only requirement to be hired by Lenox Square for their customer service positions.

For the record, the agent's response when I inquired about the opening of Fashion Café was that she had "no record of it" and "had not heard of it." Eventually I found the reference to "Fashion Café" buried deep in a months-old press release from Lenox Square's local PR firm.

I'm no marketing pro but I'd think that giving the name of a failed enterprise to a "new" and "fresh" entity is probably not the best idea, not to mention that the name itself makes it sound like an actual restaurant, which good or bad, it is not.

In case you missed my earlier announcement, Lenox Square is upgrading its food court Fashion Cafe with a number of new options.  Chipotle Mexican Grill, SaladWorks and Figo Pasta are all being added while Chick-fil-A is being relocated to a nearby space.  

What are your thoughts on renaming the food court, "Fashion Cafe?"  What new dining option are you most excited about?  What casual eatery would you like to see added to the mall?  Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Buckhead Betty, and her rivals Debbie Dunwoody and Alice Alpahretta will be delighted to let the world know that their other favorite shopping center's food court is now a "Fashion Cafe." ...Because only in Buckhead would "Food Court" not be acceptable anymore. -_-

Dan said...

Haha that is a dreadful name!

Surely 'Fashion Cafe' would normally imply that it would be just one restaurant....not a whole food court.

I really don't like the food court at Lenox so the fact it now has a a terrible name to go alongside terrible Subway sandwiches etc seems to be a perfect fit.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh how I remember the real "Fashion Café"..... ate at the one on Decatur Street IN NOLA only ONCE..... what a ridiculous concept for a restaurant.... and what a truly horrid dining experience. Everyone knows supermodels don't eat.......

Anonymous said...

That name is lame and contrived, just like the operators of Lenox and Phipps.

The idea is not bad - that is, upgrading the food options. But, naming it Fashion Cafe is stupid.

I believe the guys who did Shops Around Lenox originally planned a hip food court, but eventually went with Crate & Barrel instead, who was looking to vacate the mall... I wonder why.

Shops Around Lenox also is responsible for getting Zinburger and True Food to even look into Atlanta as an expansion market. Early renderings showed those restaurants at the project (back in 2010), but I believe they ran out of space, so brokers took the deals to Lenox Sq instead.

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