Monday, September 30, 2013

Oh No! Know Style Returning to Lenox Square

Know Style is coming back to Lenox Square

Doraville, Georgia-based Know Style is returning to Lenox Square in an hour or so.  The sketchy retailer, that seems to open and close almost overnight, is returning to the popular Buckhead mall and will now be located near GNC, on the mall's first level.  

Know Style is basically a knock off Forever 21, and if that means nothing to you, it's basically like faking Old Navy! 

Know Style has repeatedly leased space at both Lenox Square, Phipps Plaza and other metro area malls. The leases are often short term, and the stores tend to occupy spaces left vacant from recently departed, often more well known, retailers.  

Know Style seems to better fit the generic retail wasteland of Atlantic Station.

It's honestly been a while since I looked into Know Style, but it seems the company has grown significantly over the past few years, and not only has a retail network of 30 locations, but also a full-fledged website for ecommerce sales.  

According to the Know Style website, Kim Sung and Joe Kim started the company in 1987.  The first Forever 21 was opened by Do Wan Chang in 1984.  


Anonymous said...

Way to maintain the integrity of the Lenox Square brand, Simon. That's just classy. Why not let them open on the "luxury" wing next to Pure Denim?

This city thinks they have all the best in shopping pleasures. In reality, they cater most consistently to the hood.

AJ said...

Actually, I bet there's no way in he!! that Atlantic Station would lease to Know Style. And you should know that based on the new ownership

Anonymous said...

To really succeed, they should add FroYo. Know Style and FroYo.

Tres said...

Ah... I remember waaaaaay back in the day when that spot was the original (and two-story) Express before they moved to the current location when the upper level was added in 95.

Simon said...

An unfortunate name for a business.

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