Saturday, October 26, 2013

Applebee's Sours at North DeKalb Mall

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar at North DeKalb Mall is closing Sunday.

From what I recall, Applebee's at North DeKalb Mall opened in the late 90s, replacing what had been a rather awesome dollar store I shopped on many occasions as a child.  (This was, of course, after my ritual visit to Challenges, an arcade and longtime fixture in the mall that has also since closed.)

The first Applebee's opened not far from North DeKalb Mall on Memorial Drive in Decatur in 1980, although today the restaurant is part of  DineEquity and is based in Kansas City, Missouri.

An employee at the restaurant tells me that they will be open normal business hours on Sunday, from 11 am until midnight. During this time, the restaurant will also be taking bids for equipment, merchandise and basically anything else in the restaurant.  The proceeds of this casual auction will reportedly benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Applebee's joins a long list of shuttered eateries within the mall.  Johnny Rocket's, Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, Buffalo's and Dippin' Dots are among the other notable restaurant closures that have occurred within the beleaguered intown mall.

A friend of the blog and 20+ year resident of nearby Leafmore recalls a longer list of shuttered eateries: "Davis Brothers Cafeteria (which also had a nearby location at Toco Hill), Bonanza Sirloin Pit (which replaced Davis Brothers), Spinnaker's (which replaced the Bonanza), Rich's Magnolia Room, Woolworth's Harvest House (with booths and counter) and Dipper Dan." --- Maybe a Gorin's too?

Today the once packed food court includes only one big brand name in Wendy's but is also home to an American Deli.

The mall has welcomed new tenants like Marshalls (2010) and Golden Corral (2013/outparcel) but as a whole, has deteriorated significantly from its inception in 1965.  According to its website, a Dollar Tree is coming soon to the Macy's wing, joining an existing dollar store, Dollar Dealz.

Last month I broke news of an Applebee's closing in Sandy Springs that is being replaced by Dantanna's, but no word yet on what will become of the North DeKalb Mall location after its closure.  


Carl said...

Sometimes I forget some places even exist. This is one of those occasions.

Atlantan99 said...


Something tells you you're not the only one ;)

Anonymous said...

Great story. Lots of information in it. I like old malls so I still enjoy going there. It's a shame they are losjng Applebee's.

Angie said...

Thank you for the news about Applebee's at North DeKalb and for taking me down memory lane!

Tomorrow's News Today - Atlanta is always a go to website for the latest news.

Anonymous said...

What?!? That Applebee's is the only reason I moved to Decatur.

nsk said...

I had a drink here last week before a late show at the movie theater. There were post-it notes on some of the wall clutter and a notice about an upcoming auction.

The theater seems just about the only draw to this mall. In college this was our preferred theater. Now many years out, I still don't mind coming out here when timings are inconvenient at theaters closer to me.

Anonymous said...

I used to go to McCrory's there as a kid. Spinnakers had the best seafood pasta ever. i still miss that place.

Anonymous said...

OK...enough is enough! Bring on Costco already! Heck, are they even still interested? With Applebees leaving, that side of the mall can be transformed into a big box chain. Any ideas? BJ's Wholesale would be nice? Lowes? I'm suprised they haven't pushed into Decatur considering Home Depot is nearby. D&B? Yes Dave & Buster's! That'll bring life back to the mall!

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