Thursday, October 31, 2013

Big Sky Bringing a Big New Restaurant to Buckhead

Big Sky is coming to Buckhead.

Big Sky Restaurant & Bar, described as a "Montana Lodge,"  is coming to Cains Hill Place in Buckhead Village. The new restaurant will open at 3201 Cains Hill Place, in the heart of the Buckhead Village bar district.  The two-level restaurant is being built in place of the single level former office of Harrison Design Associates.  The design firm maintains a presence in the remaining offices, as well as in another office across the street.

Planning and permitting for the restaurant started back in May, but demolition of the existing building did not start until late August.  The new building has only recently started to take shape with the framing well underway for the new two-story structure.

There is conflicting information about the size of the restaurant, with official documents filed with the City of Atlanta Office of Planning reflecting a total square footage of 4,940, while Chandlee & Sons, the restaurant's construction company, says they are building a 6,500 foot restaurant.

Shockingly, the restaurant has been approved to have onsite parking for only 17 vehicles, making use of existing spaces that otherwise are unused at night.  Even if the restaurant turns out to be the larger square footage figure, it will have exceeded the requirements under SPI 9-SA 3 which require which only 15 spaces.  

According to documents obtained by ToNeTo Atlanta,  Big Sky estimates that less than  40% of its total sales will be derived from the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Big Sky will have two full bars, one on each floor, as well as two open decks on the second floor.  The restaurant will also feature nine glass garage style doors between the two bars.

No word on the cuisine style of the restaurant, but I'm inclined to think their menu will  share similarities with  Ted's Montana Grill and  perhaps the short-lived Saskatoon as well.

Given the restaurant's location amidst the Buckhead bars and lounges, I doubt the proprietors are going for a family friendly atmosphere, and am instead inclined to think they will try to attract some business from Twin Peaks and feature a very young, attractive female waitstaff.

The restaurant will supposedly open by Christmas..  Given the building is (from the looks of it) not even 50% done, I find this opening date highly unlikely.


nsk said...

Christmas 2014.

WarEagle2011 said...

That second floor deck is calling my name. Looks like an awesome place to drink. I hope the food will be good too.

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