Friday, April 25, 2014

Planned Apartments Force Cafe Sunflower to Grow in South Buckhead

Vegetarian restaurant getting a bigger home on Peachtree.

Cafe Sunflower will soon relocate from their current location in Brookwood Square in south Buckhead to a new, larger space in the same complex.  Brookwood Square was built in 1987 and sits at the corner of Colonial Homes Drive and Peachtree Road in South Buckhead.    The vegetarian restaurant will relocate to the former Lime Fresh Mexican Grill.  For a few months, the space was home to Genghis Grill and before that, Blockbuster Video.   

Cafe Sunflower's new space, suite 290, is 3,595 square feet: 1,000 square feet larger than the current location.  The space is more prominent, closer than any other tenant to Peachtree Road, with great visibility.  The new Cafe Sunflower will reportedly feature a slimmed down menu but will see the addition of a cold pressed  juice bar as well as a wine bar.  The restaurant will continue to offer dairy-free and gluten-free food options.   Cafe Sunflower will also feature an outdoor patio and plans to open in their new location in June.

Cafe Sunflower also has a location on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs but the two restaurants feature different menus.  

Cafe Sunflower is moving to make way for apartments that will be built across the lower portion of the complex.  Much of the southern portion of the complex will reportedly remain intact during the redevelopment.    Atlanta-based Coro Realty Advisors LLC plans to partner on an as yet undisclosed number of apartments in place of Cafe Sunflower and a host of scattered businesses and a number of vacant storefronts.  While I'm very much against the continued construction of more apartments when so little is being done to mitigate the traffic and congestion that already exists, apartments would seem to be a better use for the land than what is there today.  

What are your thoughts?  Does South Buckhead need more apartments? If you are in favor of the apartments, how many is too many?  The perfect number? What's your favorite menu item at Cafe Sunflower?  


Anonymous said...

This is right on the Beltline and apartments are entirely appropriate here. This old shopping center cries out for redevelopment. I'm glad Cafe Sunflower is staying in the area.

Anonymous said...

In 2 years Peachtree from Lenox down to Spring will be almost unbearable.

5 high rise apartment complexes, one midrise, Buckhead Atlanta, Restoration Hardware, the massive Camden development, and now this. It is going to really suck.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that they'll have a juice bar!

Anonymous said...

Plus Colonial Homes is demoing the southern half of the complex and building some 400 units out of the currently existing 250.

Anonymous said...

this is a great location for residential. that being said, the atlanta region needs to address transit solutions that include bike/car/train/pedestrian vs the current 'car only' model that has thrived since the early 1900's. without alternative transit options, atlanta will stagnate.

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