Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Emory Want Cookies?

Local cookie shop adding new intown location.

Ali's Cookies will soon open their third area location, the first inside the Perimeter.  The new Ali's Cookies will open on North Decatur Road at Emory Village.  The cookie shop is taking the place of Tin Drum Asiacafe which closed in January.  Before that, the owners of Tin Drum operated a burger concept in the space known as Wonderful World Burgers Fries.

Emory Village previously had a cookie place, One Hot Cookie & Creamery, but it closed and its space is today home to Bad Dog Taqueria.  If memory serves, One Hot Cookie opened in early 2007 and closed in early 2009.  The shop  allowed customers to customize their cookies with assorted raw dough options and have the cookie made to order.  The shop also offered assorted ice cream as the space had previously been a Cold Stone Creamery.  

Ali's Cookies offers specialty cookies such as lactose free and gluten free, as well as classic favorites like Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle and Peanut Butter.  

Ali's Cookies are made of Kosher ingredients but will reportedly not be under the supervision of the Atlanta Kashruth Commission at the new location, and will thus be able to be open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Ali's original location is in East Cobb at Market Plaza on Johnson Ferry Road and is under the supervision of the Kashruth Commission.  As a result of the Kashruth supervision, the East Cobb location closes at 5pm on Fridays and remains closed all day Saturday.  A second location opened in 2012 at Perimeter Place near Perimeter Mall, occupying the former Winestyles shop.  The Perimeter Place is not under the supervision of the Kashruth Commission and is open until 8PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Ali's Cookies also operates a popular and successful online operation,  

Ali's hopes to have the  Emory Village shop open by early to mid August.


Anonymous said...

I give them a year.

Anonymous said...

Completely disagree. Ali's has the best cookies in metro Atlanta and it's not even close. Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this place.

JonSlay said...

yr and a half then

Anonymous said...

1.5 yrs then

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