Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lenox Square Openings, Closings, Launches, Relocations & Renovations

wokdragon offering "authentic. fresh. contemporary. chinese." will soon open its first ever location in the Fashion Cafe at Lenox Square.  The new Chinese eatery is located between Checkers and Cafe Supreme and is reportedly being opened by the owners of Cafe Supreme.  The wokdragon space was recently home to "Delights" which serves assorted frozen yogurts and smoothies.  Cafe Supreme will reportedly close when the new eatery opens.  A restaurant representative said the menu will be similar to Cafe Supreme but with more variety. Wokdragon is expected to open in late July.  

An at&t "Store of the Future" is opening in Lenox Square's Fashion Cafe.   As I reported previously, the store will occupy  a portion of the former Chick-fil-A, as well as the former Great Wraps and Sbarro spaces.  Both Chick-fil-A and Great Wraps have since relocated to other spaces in the Fashion Cafe, while Sbarro closed for good.  (Sbarro's parent company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March before exiting it earlier this month.)  At&t's "Store of the Future" is meant to showcase all the ways in which AT&T can make your "mobile lifestyle" easier.  While many carriers offer cellphone and cellphone accessories at their retail stores, SotF takes it a step further showcasing the ways in which its smartphones can connect your home security systems, photo scanners and headphones.  When the new store does open, the simple and smaller store, also in the Fashion Cafe, will close.  There is at least one SotF open in Georgia, in Rome, and about 25 open nationwide.  at&t, the mobile division of AT&T, is based in Atlanta.  

True Food Kitchen is now open at Lenox Square.  Last year, I was the first in Atlanta to break news of their planned opening and am pleased to say the restaurant is now open at the front of Lenox Square.  Atlanta marks the chain's entry into the south and eighth location overall.  

Gregory's has closed its location in the luxury wing of Lenox Square.  I originally reported this planned closure earlier this month and it seems to have closed over the weekend.  

David Yurman has temporarily relocated to the former Kate Spade in the luxury wing of Lenox Square.  Their relocation is to allow for their current store, a few hundred feet away, to be remodeled, but not enlarged into the Mont Blanc space as had been previously announced.  

Pinkberry is close to opening its new location within Macy's while Bantam & Biddy is progressing, but far further from opening.  


Anonymous said...

Gotta say, kind of disappointed that the frontage to what is supposed to be the premier shopping destination in the US is now mainly restaurants, including the giant eyesore that is Cheesecake Factory.

Cheesecake, Sprinkles, Zinburger, Prime, True Food, and soon Bantam & Biddy (sort of them) will be prominently featured at the front. Hey! Come to our giant food court and while you're here buy some stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ate at True Food recently - the food was good but the portions were too small relative to the price. I don't think a Cheesecake Factory portion is needed but the portions could be bigger compared to the price.

AJ said...

I think you find restaurants in the front of malls nowadays (think Perimeter & Cumberland also) is because people will go into a mall to shop, but they won't necessarily go into the mall to eat.

Anonymous said...

I'm the first commenter - there does seem to be life out front of the mall now with all of the people coming and going from the restaurants. A lot of activity but as a premier shopping destination it would've been nice to have less prominence on restaurants and more on retailers. Times are changing for malls, I get it, but Lenox doesn't need food to be a draw.

AJ said...

I agree with you. I'm not a big shopper, but I do love to try new restaurants. If I can get in and out of True Food without having to find it in the mall, I may be more apt to go. But if I'm a big shopper, I don't think seeing those restaurants would affect me going into the mall. That's what I was getting at.

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