Thursday, June 26, 2014

Moderna Goes Out of Style in Sandy Springs

Moderna taqueria + teatro appears to be closed on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs.

The 5000 square foot restaurant opened in late 2012 at Huntridge Center in the 8500 block of Roswell Road.

Moderna  is described on its official twitter as a "One-of-a-kind dining experience and entertainment destination fusing the passion & texture of modern art with the unadulterated beauty of the natural world."

This past September, Moderna promoted what it called  "The Grand Opening Night of Moderna Ultra-Upscale Lounge."

At the end of the day, Moderna was primarily a lounge and nightclub that had food too.  

It's unclear when the restaurant closed but local sources say it was "within the past few weeks."  Additionally, on my trip to the restaurant earlier this week, I witnessed activity inside and tables and chairs still set up. The patio even had napkins and place settings out as if the restaurant was about to open for service.  

When one calls Moderna (during normal business hours) a generic message states:  "We're sorry, your call could not be completed at this time." 

The most recent (re)tweet from Moderna's twitter account was April 12:  "S/O to @ModernaATL for showing up on #ChrisleyKnowsBest."

Before this, their most recent tweet was February 12th.

It would appear that Moderna was most recently active on their official facebook page in late December, as they prepared for New Year's Eve festivities.  

Moderna's most recent Yelp review was April 15th, but one user did "review" the restaurant on June 15th simply by saying "closed."

One local source indicated that they were told the restaurant would reopen later this month (June).  Something tells me this may not actually happen.

Modern restaurant + bar, which also opened in late 2012 but at Tower Place in Buckhead, has already closed after an even shorter run.  The restaurant opened in late October and was closed by March of 2013.  


Glen said...

I have Driven by there many times lately and I could never tell if it was open or closed. Now I see that they were not even open until 5 PM. I think that they were aiming to upscale for the area. I went into whatever the previous place was once or twice, mainly because a friend was playing there. That place was there for only a couple of years. Before that--Diggers was there forever. I would love to see a nice casual or fast casual restaurant or deli. Goldbergs, Zaxby's, or Pollo Tropical(that actually may be a better fit for the area)would be good. Of course two of those only do free standing restaurants as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if other cities have as many boneheaded clueless people try to open restaurants as we do. Every month another misguided concept with horrible marketing closes. Seems like a monumental waste of time, money, and resources.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen or heard of the place but when I first saw the picture in your article I thought Moderna was a furniture store.

Unknown said...

Opened back up this week eith a New chef and new management. You have to try the ceviche or Peruvian empanadas, so good.

Anonymous said...

Same menu or different? Sign out front now calls it Moderna Kitchen and Bar. This suggests a more American menu.

Anonymous said...

Tried Moderna for the first time. Food was awesome.

Anonymous said...

they are open and rocking ! more of a nightclub/events space, but if thats what you want then look no further! My sister is having her rehearsal dinner here next week!

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