Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Top Secret No More: TopShop Lenox Square Location Revealed

Lenox Square is reconfiguring space to accommodate  a popular European retailer.

Topshop / Topman, the British retailer similar to Spanish retailer Zara, will open a new 15,500 square foot location at Lenox Square next spring.  

Plans for the mega store were announced February 5th, but without mention of an exact location.   

After extensive digging and mapping, I've determined that the new store will be two levels and will mean the closure or relocation of a half dozen other stores.  

Cache and Kenneth Cole on the main mall level will move / close / relocate to form a single, large space.  Within their combined space will be access (escalator, elevator, stairs or all three, TBD) to the lower or "Plaza" level as it's known. On the Plaza level, the recently relocated APD precinct will be on the move as are The Monogram Shop, MacConnell Research and Savvi Formalwear. Lenox Square mainstay Buster Brown has already moved to Phipps Plaza as its Lenox home will soon play host to Savvi Formalwear. 

Kenneth Cole                                        4353
Cache                                                     3071
Savvi Formalwear                                1959
MacConnell Research                          2297
Monogram Shop                                   1570
Atlanta Police Satellite Precinct         2751
                                                                 16,001 square feet

Arlene  Kopelman and her husband opened The Monogram Shop at Lenox Square thirty-four years ago and were told by the mall manager at the time that they wouldn't last one year.  More than three decades later, Arlene still has plenty of business, especially now with "dads and grads." Kopelman never felt the need to gather email addresses as she never dreamed she'd ever move.  Now, having not been offered a renewal on her space, she's moving to Cates Center on East Andrews Drive.  (Her first day in the new space was yesterday, June 2nd)

MacConnell Research is being relocated to a space closer T-Mobile and Urban Outfitters.

The new Atlanta location of Topshop is one of five new stores planned in the U.S., including a 40,000 square-foot flagship location on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  Topshop presently has just four locations in the U.S.: one in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood, another on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, a third in Fashion Show in Las Vegas and the fourth at The Grove in Los Angeles.  Topshop, one of the brands under large London retailer Arcadia Group Ltd., has around about 400 stores in the United Kingdom and more than 100 international locations, including the four U.S. stores.

TopShop does already have a presence in Atlanta within Nordstrom at Phipps Plaza, but the new store will surely offer more product lines and special collaborations.  The "concession" TopShop in Nordstrom opened in late 2012 and I've heard of no firm plans to change or close the shop once the Lenox Square store opens.  


Anonymous said...

Surely Lenox Square wouldn't force the closure of Kenneth Cole and Cache. I hope they are giving them concessions and helping them move. Here's an idea... for the love of good fashion, PLEASE kick out Pure Denim. The old CK store that is now subdivided would be large enough for both KC and Cache.

Anonymous said...

Is the health club (The Forum) staying at its location on the Plaza level?

Atlantan99 said...

@Anon RE: The Forum,

As of now The Forum is staying put in its current location.

Thanks for your comments and readership.

Tres said...

After the "full line" store opens at Lenox, I could see the "Topshop in Nordstrom" concept moving to Perimeter.

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